Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award Thanks to sweet kristin!

 The Versatille Blogger Award

 Good Morning Ladies! I woke up today to a great comment by one of my favorite blogger's It's the Sweet, kristin from  The Lovely Apidae  She is one of my favorites because she is so giving, Very kind and Loves her dogs! She is also an awesome person and has been much fun getting to know her. I love her blog because she blogs about different things like cooking, And her little crafts that she enjoys doing. Her and her boyfriend Ben sound like a great and fun couple. Check her out! She is really, really nice, I love her! And Kristin Thank you.....I appreciate that you thought of me for this Blooger award. You are the sweetest <3

When you get the Versatile Blogger Award:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog in your post. Tell seven things about yourself and award seven recently discovered bloggers and contact the bloggers to let them know they received the Versatile Blogger Award. 
1. I love interior design. It makes me so happy to help people find the right things for their nest. We lost our first home to a house fire, So now I appreciate how really short life is. And how we shouldn't take People/ things for granted.

2. I went to Disneyland for my 14th Birthday and had so much fun. Went back on Christmas of 99 OMG! It's was so packed we waited almost 2 hours for a ride and were on it for 5 minutes. Then didn't even eat....Too packed.
3. I have a son that just came back from Bagdad he was there for a year and was in the last battalion to leave  Kuwait and came out on CNN. He is currently stationed in Hawaii.

4. I have had my best friend since we were 15 years old. And we always say we are going to be old ladies traveling the world.


5. I am very shy and keep to myself. Have wonderful Kiddos that I love very much. One of (4)  which is Graduating in November with a Biology Degree. She wants to be a doctor. She studies genetics. But wants to be a vet. Because we are animal lovers in our home. My other baby was State Champion in his High School football team. He's the Baby. And my little P. R. girl that I have already mentioned in my blog.
6. I always try to look at the positive things in my life. No matter how bad they are. I lost my mom at a young age and had to learn to grow up really fast. But I think it taught me how to be a really good mom. I baby sat from the age of 14 until I was 18 and made my mad money that way.

7. I went to the police Academy and wanted to be a Profiler. But life has different plans for me. so now I am just a really happy person and love having happy, Positive people in my life. Never a dull moment at home. Have a wonderful husband and we have 2 beautiful Boxers. They make me laugh everyday.

1) Newly discovered blogs that I would like to give the Versatile Blogger award to:

1).Confessions of a call center Gal  She's in Malaysia  but will be back soon
7) and last but not least...Truth and Shoes


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments:) I love hearing about your kids. It sounds like they are all doing very interesting things. I can't believe you went to the police acadamy! How neat!

  2. I meant them all. You are always a loyal friend. yep! I did. It was the most amazing experience. Thank You Kristin. You are the Sweetest!

  3. Hi Gabby, Greetings from the Land of Orangutans. My blog comments get sent to my email and I just saw your comment today so I had to stop by my dear friend's blog to say hi and thank you =)
    So Hi Gabby and thanks :p Hope you are well. My mom just keeps on feeding me and feeding me and I'm about to EXPLODE!!!
    I enjoyed learning more about you and I think it's great that you've had the same BFF since you were 15. And your son was on CNN? Whoa! You must be so proud. I gotta go now, internet here is pretty spotty. Take care for now, xoxo L

  4. Aw, thanks Gabby! Ya know I am working on #6 myself. Definitely makes life a lot more special :)

  5. Hi Alana, I really like your blog. I am a follower and hope that we continue to get to know each other via our blogs :)

    Hi Lisa! Wow, That's sweet of you to take time to write all the way from Malaysia. Sounds like your having a blast! I'm glad you are spending time with your mother. I know you missed her. And the rest of your family. get back safe and can't wait to have you back. Bit till then, Continue to have a great time! **Hugs**

    Hi Monkeyface! Wow! #6? Must be nice :) Well, This is my first and I guess I'm really grateful to my blog friend Kristin. And Yes, It makes life That much more special. Hope to see you on your blog :)

  6. Thanks Gabby!!

    It's nice to hear these little tidbits of your life! Your kids sound great-a tribute to your positive nature!

  7. Aw, Thank You Sarah...Very kind of you to say. They are my special ones :)

  8. Thanks Gabby, that is so nice of you to think of me!

  9. Thank You! I love your clothes :) I come by everyday :)