Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Life Skirt and Saturday!

Sweet Life Skirt and Saturday!
Sweet Life Skirt and Saturday! by Le petit Draipiere featuring jersey tees
This is my outfit For Saturday, Haven't chosen my shoes.


  1. Hey Gabby!
    I'm so glad you got that skirt :)
    Such a cute outfit!
    I love how you paired it with a jean jacket too!!
    I love to just throw on a jean jacket over my skirts and dresses...Its a staple in my closet!
    Have a great day and a super relaxing weekend :0)

  2. HI Meg! :) It's Thanks to you <3 I gave you the kuddos a while back On one of my comments to another Blogger. I will take my picture later today.:) And Thanks for helping me to try to find the very
    Wanted " Spectator-School Girl " Shoes. I have several of my blogger friends looking. You are all sweet <3

  3. Very cute outfit Gabby! I love the skirt - what great colors! I hope you have a great day:) Let us know what you find at anthro!

  4. Hi kristin, Well, I found out the One Dress I wanted was sold out here in S.A. Grr! Anyway, I'm going look in Austin. :(