Thursday, March 3, 2011

OODD Discovered Lace Dress and **Bliss**

Hello Ladies :) Hope you all had a great day :) I had to get out and get going early today. As all of my blog Sista's know I am a night owl, I could work at night all night and I'd be happy. But NO! I had to rise and shine and get out the door by 10AM. Noooooooo....... Your probably thinking what a Woose! I guess I am when it comes to getting up early. But I just adore going to bed super late. I read, watch Tv, And I love going outside to see My ( boyfriend ) Orion :) I am in love with Orion I love looking up at him at night when all is quiet. The moon is out and I can see all of the pretty stars. Also I love to hear crickets. Although there aren't any out now I am looking forward to hearing them soon. We have an owl that lives in our tree and every once in a while does his thing. Which is very soothing. And if you've been reading my blog a while. I also have a huge Man Toad in my backyard. He only comes out in the summer and sings,sings,sings. Well, Croaks. And then all of a sudden there are so many Ladies staying with him that we end up with literally thousands of baby frogs in our backyard. They are as big as my pinky  fingernail when they are babies. Anyway, We went to La Madeline after our errands. We had all of the above for lunch. Do you all have a La Madeline? I really don't know how far they go. Like we used to have a Boston Market here but they shut down. I loved their chicken. One of my favorite restaurants is called P.F. Chang's it's Chinese food. Yummers! Another is called Kim Tran's I love to eat their Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and Their Lemongrass Chicken. But This was my Outfit for today. The Discovered Lace Dress. I don't know what those spots are but they are not on the dress. Maybe it's the camera.( yeah, right )  I haven't been practicing Tara's advice :( Anyway, I'm sure I've bored you stiff. I just started reading Eat, Pray, Love. I already love it. I am a lover of things from India as well.  But You all have a Great day!  Sending you some *Bliss*

P. S. Which reminds me. On you tube there is a wonderful song I'd like to share with you. It's by Bliss called "  Remember my name" Their music is amazing! Please Listen :) CD Is Called  Bliss { quiet Letters } U.S. Edition.


  1. The discovered lace dress is so pretty:) Your lunch looks great! I love Caesar salad and french onion soup! Mmmmmmmmm. That is so cool that you have lots of animals around. I bet the owl is beautiful. Have a great night and enjoy your book:)

  2. Hi kristin, I had to get this dress a size bigger an 8 because The sleeves are a bit weird fitting. I think I need to have it altered on the sides. It's a little too loose on me. My chest runs a little too big for my taste. I wish my Girls were a tad smaller. And Yes, We have raccoons too! But the owl has been here a long time. This house was built in 1908. It's a 2 Story Victorian. So I'm sure he's built a nice nest or something in our Dormers.

  3. Hi Gabby, awww, I enjoyed reading about the owls and the BIG TOAD. so beautiful and magical. I think we have the same palette coz i live PF Chang, and don't get me started on Indian food, lol, my hubby and I love Indian curry and we cook it at least once a week.
    yay for scoring that Discovered Lace. you look drop dead gorgeous in it. I wish I had your curves, my figure is as straight as a ruler. *sobs*

  4. Hi Lisa, I must disagree with you here. You have the most amazing figure. And you have 2 kids! That's so awesome. I can tell you take care of yourself. I tend to be average 4/6. 4 in jeans and 6 in dresses and skirt. But an 8 at Anthropologie because of my chest, which sometimes I have to admit wish was way smaller. But you are gorgeous! And I'm not kidding. And after seeing that picture of your mother I bet you are just a beautiful as she is :)