Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad Girl Tuesday, Very picture heavy and My First Hints Blouse!

The Bad Girl!

My Two Finds!

A different Spin on the Sash :0

Aren't these the prettiest?

Nice Door Knobs
So Summer

Liked these as well

Sweet Little Bag

Want This Cutie

Love this Blouse

Dresses on Sale

Okay, I was bad. I went to Anthropologie Today. I had promised not to even go. But I did. I went last night and purchased the First Hints Blouse and I am in love and happy with my decision. I have been wanting this since it came out and well. I caved!  I wore it with the Anthropologie Bright Button Trousers. My Stewart Weitzman " Alex Wedges". Then this morning....I woke up and saw that the dress on my Wish list was on sale :)  The Paraiso Dress. I had an Idea for this one. I am pairing it with the sash from the Snowy Egret Dress. What do you think? Does it look as pretty as I think it does? I also bought the Yellow top ( Don't know the name). I wanted it to wear with the Decade by Decade Skirt. But like I said I really want The Mompos Dress. So a sacrifice has to be done :(  The rest are just really pretty things that I saw. I really like the Butterfly Skirt.I don't know the name right now either. But I saw so many dresses my eyes were hurting!  Did you all score you some new pretties?
I am busier than a one armed paper hanger right now I hope I get to sit down for a while, But I doubt it. Have a wonderful evening and let me know what you got. **Hugs**


  1. I love the Paraiso dress - it is beautiful with the other sash! What a gerat idea! I love all of the pictures - I see the beautiful back porch blouse (one of my favorites right now:) and the butterfly skirt looks really nice. Did you try it on?

    Graet finds! I didn't pick anything up today. Nothing on my wishlist went on sale, which is good, so I can save some $ for some of the beautiful new arrivals!

  2. Hi Kristin :) I just liked the Idea with a different colored sash. Can Be The blue. A yellow and this one from my other dress. I really like the Back Porch Blouse. I did not try on the Butterfly skirt but, I see it being a big seller. It was soft and Silky. Yum! And the Yellow top looked great with it. And I too am having to squirrel away some money now. NO MORE BUYING :(
    Have a Great Tuesday :)

  3. mmmm...I love just looking at those pretty, pretty items in the store. I'm so jealous of you lucky folks that can pop into a store anytime!

    I am very close to just going for the back porch blouse, but I shouldn't!

  4. Hi Sarah :) I don't know what's worse, Having it close or not having one at all. Because if we didn't we'd probably miss out on some great finds. But then having one close to home is just too much temptation and WAY TOO much spending. But I just love Anthro! But As to the back porch blouse? It's gorgeous. Have a great evening <3

  5. Great finds and pics! I know kristin's already given you one, but I decided to give you a Versatile Blogger Award too! http://theanthropologicalshopper.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award-again.html

  6. Thank You Terrie, I follow your blog and found you via Kristin I believe. I follow other blogs and I guess I should start following publicly. Thank you again. Very nice of you <3

  7. Gabby!
    IT was so fun to meet you! Of course two Anthrophiles would meet by chance JUST before closing the night before the sale. Hilarious! So glad you got the First Hints! Looking gorgeous! So you went back the next day? So funny! I went back yesterday for literally 5 min. Had two kids with me.... in and out. Hate it when I can't savor the trip. Nice picks from the sale! My Pom Flower Shift should get here today or tomorrow. I can't wait!

  8. It was a real treat meeting you. I didnt realize till one of the SA's told me it was you :) I believe it was Ruthie. Yep! I went back and purchased these two items. Like I really need them. I am so excited to see what else is coming this summer. I saw a review on the Mompos and it's made really weird up in the front. Don't know if that will be a problem for us chesty girls. It may be a deal breaker if it makes me look weird. ;(
    So I may have to pass on it. I don't know if we'll be getting any at our store. I'll have to see. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing you again ;) It was really nice!