Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank You Terrie- The Anthropological Shopper Versatile Award Again

For Terrie and Kristin I did take this pic :)
I woke up this morning and again got a  Another Versatile Blogger Award. This time from Terrie   I had received one from Kristin. She has been posting some great pictures. Check her out. Thank You Terrie, I know Many Bloggers have many of these but I am totally grateful that You  thought of me enough to give me one.  I will have to come by your blog and Thank You as well.And to my followers, Some of which I have gotten to know via my polyvore account. They are also some really sweet girls. And we have loads of fun posting and commenting on our outfits. As you all know tonight is my big "Event" I am really excited to have been invited and am looking forward to checking it out. I have never been. So I will be posting pictures and reporting on the Mini Fashion Show and let you guy's know what happened and what I learned from the experience. It's seems my little blog will finally be out there here in San Antonio :) I really just started this because I am very creative and my mind has to have something to do. So this was just basically started as an outlet and also a place where I'd hope to make new friends ( which I have). Really nice ones as you see. So Terrie, Thank You SO MUCH! This is really a treat for me. I am off to start doing my runs and will get back to you all either late tonight or post about this tomorrow. I have woken up to a great day already. I hope you all have a Great Day as well. <3

I Don't have that many people I know here to find 7 more :( But once I find more Bloggers I will pass it on. Promise. Let's see if I can come up with 7 more things about me? Hmm

1. I love Starbucks, Thier Caramel Machiatto drives me nuts.And I really like their Lemon Pound Cake. YUM!!!
2. I have 2 Boxers that are the sweetest clowns and always make me feel happy when I am sad or just crack me up when ever they act like silly dorks :)
3. I was a cheerleader in High School and was offered a Scholarship to Study  Spanish Poetry in Mexico but my ever Protective mother said no!
4.I love to watch TV. A whole bunch. And my Favorites are Sundance, Discovery Channel, Investigation Id. Lifetime Of course!
5. I have a ridiculous amount of shoes! I don't know why I love them so much. But I do. Every time I say "These are my last pair" I fail miserably.
6. I am in love with Michael Buble and was lucky enough to go to his concert. Diana Krall, Coldplay, Train and many more.
7. I love poetry, Music, I like to cook I am currently reading "Confessions Of a call center gal" By Lisa. It is so funny and i have been trying really hard to read it slowly. It's a Hoot. I would one day love to go to Paris and Spain. So there are a few more tidbits.

Again Thanks to Terrie and you Ladies have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. You're welcome! I'm reading Lisa's book right now too!

  2. I just saw your comment. Those flowers are gorgeous! Did you take that pic?

  3. Isn't her book the best?! I love it. I have to stop myself from reading it so I can enjoy it longer. I am totally glad I got it!

    And No, I do have pictures of flowers I have taken was just in a hurry to Thank You and upload some pics of Flowers. Just wanted to say Thank You with Flowers. So glad you liked :)
    Hope to see you soon :) Have a great day and Thanks again Terrie <3

  4. Terrie, I decided to change the picture of the flowers to one that I did take. Enjoy!