Monday, April 4, 2011

Help Me pick Out my Outfit, Have a Fashion Event !

Help Me pick Out my Outfit
Help Me pick Out my Outfit by Le petit Draipiere featuring high heel shoes
I was invited to a fashion event here on Wednesday. It's a mini fashion show. Fashion Group International Board Members will be there.  It's a Local Boutique and I was invited by the owner. So, I am looking to you all to help me pick out what to wear. I haven't worn 2 of these outfits yet. AT ALL. Not Once. SO! Let me know :)  I am really excited to go to this event and will take pictures and post about it. So I will read my comments and see the feedback from you guy's !


  1. um...all four!!! I'm feeling stripey at the moment, so I'd say the Caranday or Sunshades dresses. Or you could shuffle the shoes and wear green with yellow, or yellow with red stripes?

  2. Oh I love all of these, but I would say the Lucillae Dress if it is an evening, more formal event, and the Sun Shades Dress if it is a daytime/teatime event.

  3. Jeez it's a hard pick! I love the uo shoes you have in three colors! I have them in purple and I love them! I wish I would have picked up many different colors! I love the caranday and sun shades dress (and the twinkle twinkle dress) but I'm going with the fourth. I think it's cause I'm mildly in love with the color red.

  4. I was on Polyvore and saw your set over there first. I commented on your PV and gave my opinion on which dress might be best. :) It sounds like you will have a wonderful time-can't wait to see the pics!

  5. Hi Sarah, I am feeling Stipey too! So I am wondering which dress :/ It's so hard. I love my Sunshades dress and I also love the Caranday. I love your shoe idea <3 Thanks!

    LC, It is evening. I haven't worn this dress because I have been waiting for the right time. The Yellow, Green or red shoes can possibly work with this one :) I hate making decisions. But Thank You for coming by and giving me your input.

    Minnesota Maven :) Hi! I love these shoes. I am totally "IN LOVE" with the texture, The fit and Yes! The colors. I have them in all of these colors and Guess what? I just scored a pair in Royal Blue on E bay! $29 can you believe? I just got them today :) The Caranday dress is one of my faves. I also have it in Green. But have only worn the Red one once. OH my what am I going to do? You girls are making my head spin LOL!

    Sweet Loraine! Hi :) So glad to see you! I will check out your opinion. I know you and I talk on our Polyvore all the time :) I'm curious on which one you liked. I am really excited about going. Not so much for anything other than just watching the little fashion show :)

    All you girls have a great evening and Thank You for your opinions...They matter.

  6. How exciting! I vote for the Lucillae dress with either the red or black shoes. Can't wait to hear about the event!

  7. Kristin....<3
    That's my third vote for The Lucillae Dress. I am hoping that I fit in it :( These past few days being sick made me a little Plump! But Yes, I will take many pics. I believe the first time I started following you, you had gone to an Anthropologie fashion show right? I hope it's a positive experience. <3

  8. Hey Gabby!
    How can I pick...Each one is such a *fantastic* outfit :)
    The striped dresses feel the most **springy** to me so they get my vote!
    If I had to decide between the two...I'd say the yellow is so cute for springtime and a boutique event!!
    I'd wear the dress with your Stewart Weitzman Alex Wedges too!
    Can't wait to see your pictures and what you decide ;)
    Hope you're feeling much better!
    Have a great day :0)

  9. My Sweet Stalking buddy <3
    I know, I am so confused. I have 5 votes on The lucillae Dress. Here and on my Polyvore. I like your Idea about my Staurt Weitzman Wedges. I love those shoes. I actually wore them today :) Thanks for stopping by! <3