Saturday, April 2, 2011

Southern Chorus Shirtdress Part Deux

Pretty Sunny here


Well, Here I am! Finally feel better. And had to wear my pretty frog dress. I hope you all like :)  I wanted pictures where there would be something water like. This is what we scouted out. our City's River Walk This is by the Old Pearl Brewery area. Isn't it Beautiful? This is recent new extension of the River walk. At night they have these illuminated fish that are so beautiful. I will have to come back at night and take pictures. It is an amazing piece of art. There are I believe maybe 6 fish that run the length of the bridge and reflect of the water. Great stuff!  We saw it a while back while driving by and I though this was it. This was a great area to take pictures for my Southern Chorus Dress. I found a little friend. ( Not a frog, But close enough ) He was a happy duck. Had to wait for the tourist's to move along to take our pictures.
I wore my Lovely Frog Dress with a pair of Seychelles shoes. And the Seasons End Belt. I love this belt. And was lucky enough to find it on Roxy's EA Website.....I love her. I think "We" all know her :)
 Anyway, It is a really beautiful day today. We followed it by going to eat a a favorite Restaurant called Paloma Blanca The food here is amazing. We sat on the outside patio and I had the best Fish Tacos. It feels good to finally be out and about. No more headaches and sinus pain. Ugh, I hate the Spring sometimes. I hope your all doing great and have the best day! I am off to have a fun evening ** Hugs**


  1. Beautiful! and so perfect with that gorgeouse belt (I can't believe you found that too! I'm staying away from the EA trade board for a bit- too much temptation!)

  2. I hear you Sarah, I am trying to stay away myself. I really want that New dress and it won't be possible of I keep buying small objects like more shoes or belts. It's just so hard! There are such bargains...Can't resist! I hope I can :(

  3. The dress looks beautiful on you Gabby! I love it! Great photos too:) I especially like the first one. The river walk sounds really cool. Glad you are feeling better! Hope your weekend is great!

  4. Hi Kristin,
    Thank You. it was really hot.ButI am grateful it's Spring. Thanks for your well wishes. I am feeling better. You all have a Good weekend too!

  5. Just wanted to say ~*Beautiful*~ dress, **cute** duck, and I L♥VE fish tacos!! YUM ;)

  6. Yum! Tacos...They were good! Hi Megan :) I was thinking about you yesterday. I saw a really awesome Chevy truck, Old, And it was Flat Black with red trim. OMG!! My heart stopped for a few. I wanted to jump on it and wear my boots. Your always so sweet <3