Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini-fashion Show - New York Exchange and New Designers

Hi Ladies, Hope you all have had a good day so far. Well, My first ever Mini-fashion show event went well. We got there just in time for the Run way show. It was a lot of fun and got to meet a few new designers that are getting ready for Fashion Week. They had Several of their designs on the run way. As well as a table full of vintage wares. Like the cutest Vintage hats. I did not really get to talk to them at length as they were busy with other people and was hard to sit there and ask the usual questions and how they got started. Some of the  designers were Petricia & Monique from Fashion Designs.  I only met Petrecia and did not get to meet Monique.Thier clothing is really edgy feminine and also had a vintage look.I did not get an up close look as the models came and went pretty quickly. One of the designers (Petricia) is in one of the bottom pictures with yours truly. I did however also have the pleasure of meeting Maria Elena Cruz who is the Editor for La Prensa Newspaper. San Antonio's oldest bilingual Newspaper. She was very nice and told me she is from New York. She of course was dressed like a true New Yorker. Trendy and very chic. I also had a chance to  meet the owner of the Boutique Amanda Alarcon. This is her 3rd year of business. I did not have time to go inside to see her inventory. But she did have some really nice designer Clothing, I was told that she plans on carrying some vintage clothing. I know some of you are really into the Vintage look. She also had 10 local artists at her show.The whole event was really  abuzz with activity, Music, Fiesta royalty and patrons abound. They also had plenty of the paparazzi there as well. Thank God I stayed out of that one :) The models they hired were beautiful, Tall and knew what they were doing. It was great! I just wish that it had not been so hectic as it would have been better to get more of their perspective ( Petrecia  and Monique) on what their designs are about and where they expect to be in the future as far as the fashion world. I for one had a great time and I hope I get to go to others here in my hometown. This was a really good learning experience but I felt I was in my element. I am really happy that I was invited. This was a real treat! New York Exchange If you live in San Antonio and want to check it out. Just click on the link. And hopefully you can find a nice vintage outfit or choose many of their designer goods. I for one had the best time! Thanks Amanda.


Design By Petricia & Monique

Designed By Petricia and Monique

Cute Dress

Another cool Outfit

She was Gorgeous
Myself and Petricia The designer

Me and Amanda the Owner Of the Boutique
My Daughter and a Fiesta Royal


  1. What fun! And you look great in your Lucillae Dress!

  2. Thanks Terrie, It was what my followers here and my Polyvore voted for. So I was all too happy to comply :) I had so much fun! it was def. worth going..Have a great day :)

  3. Wow! How fun! It sounds like a great event. I love all of the pictures. Some of the outfits are so creative (the 3rd one is my favorite). You look great as well! I'm glad you decided to wear that dress. Which shoes did you go with?

  4. Hi Kristin :) I guess in all my excitement I forgot to mention my shoes! I did a Polyvore of the outfit but anyway, I wore the Box Step Yellow Seychelles. They seemed like the best choice as the Red Suede from UO seemed too orangy. So they Yellow won out. I took Pictures of the shoes and totally left them out. I figured all the model pictures were way to many. The designer was a really nice lady. And all of their outfits were gorgeous. I had a blast. But the 3rd one was so delicious. I wish I had, had time to take individual pics. But the Newspaper guy's were hogging the area. made it hard to take the ones we took. Thank You!