Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kingston Dress,,,,, Score of the day!!

Kingston Dress
This is my new acquisition ladies. I just scored on on Ebay for $99.99 The very pretty Kingston Dress. Will make for a very pretty dress for Maui :)  I have the skirt and now the dress. I really wanted this dress. But at the time they were ridiculous expensive. I am always late in the game due to the fact that I always miss out on the sales because my size sells out so quickly. But patience is good and I can wait. And I did, and here it is. I will be receiving it on the 5th. The seller had expedited shipping. I haven't set foot at Anthropologie for about 3 weeks and haven't a clue and what new stuff there is!! I will have to go down there and check it out. Meanwhile I am busy making my Christmas list, Have been looking for the Alice in Autumm Sweater Coat in the Tan color ( M ). If anyone out there knows or sees one in the trade market please let me know. I have it in red but an searching for the Tan colored one. Have a great day and hope to hear from you!


  1. Great colours for your holiday- it's so lovely and sunny! I felt sad putting the skirt away for the winter!

  2. I didn't even get to wear mine :( But come next Spring out it comes! I am really looking forward to wearing them both. The fabric is Delicious.