Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Future Mr & Mrs

Happy Birthday My Sweetheart
Well, Here we are! Not my best look but we were out late at night at a  restaurant called Mi Tierra and I didn't have my good eyeballs on..And I had my hair pulled up Ew! Wasn't expecting someone to take a picture of me looking so God awful !! We can't always look our best.  But he is my world. We have so much fun together, I swear it's like we are stuck to each other. I have been looking at wedding stuff and thinking about our trip. I am kind of scared as I have never been on a plane :/  But have to try. right? But Just wanted you all to meet my fiance/ love of my life. I promise next pictures you see won't be all ugly me! Anyway, today is his birthday and we are planning a great evening out. We are going to the place where we had our first date. he is really romantic, and makes everything he does so much fun. He made me the biggest wind chimes ever. And I mean Ever! They are huge! Like 8 Ft. Tall. With his own hands too. They are amazing. Haven't hung them. waiting till we live together. He likes really super modern furniture and so do I. We are trying to figure out what to do with my stuff now. I have a lot of Eames Era furniture and he has a huge house. So, We will try to find a place for my things. It's fun to start talking about our plans, Oh! the best part <3 We are getting me a new car. a Honda Fit I want a Black one. I have a Land Rover Disco that I love. But gas prices have made me re think fuel efficiency :) So hope you all are having a great day. I am going to start planning our dinner date for my baby's Birthday. Bye Guys!


  1. You guys look so happy together:)

    I hope you had a fabulous night out celebrating his birthday!

  2. Cute pic! You guys are adorable! xx

  3. Kristin - Thank You Congrats on your lovely wedding :)
    Lisa - We are very happy <3 Hope all is well. You always make my day!

  4. Oh, you two make such a cute couple! Looking forward to seeing your engagement pics. :)

  5. Thanks Loraine, I left you a comment on Polyvore. been having fun there :) Hope to hear from you on there too! have a great day!