Sunday, December 25, 2011

My very cold Texas Hill Country Christmas

We were just arriving at the Ranch
They were coming up to the truck
He was the Ham!
1940's Style Black and white
All In all a really great day! I hope you all had a wonderful and fun filled day with your families, As I did with mine. My Engagement pics were cancelled due to the cold weather. It get's pretty cold up in the Texas Hill Country. Yes, I am a big wuzz. I was way cold. We has packed our outfits but I wimped out as soon as we got up there. So we just did these casual ones for now. Had a great time with my Mother in Law to be. We ate so much I'm still full. Had Ham and all the rest of the Goodies and Cheesecake From The Cheesecake factory.Although I love Christmas I am glad it's over. It can get pretty hectic and busy to where you don't get time to just be. I got a really beautiful gift. Something Fiance made me. It's like a Nelson Clock. But not a reproduction as you can't really do that. But, It's amazing. I wish I had taken a picture! But I loaded it up and I forgot. I think I'm hanging it over my bed. I know, Not a good place but again it's pretty big.  And right now that's the only place to put it. He and I love modern Art and Old 1960's furniture. We recently went to the George Nelson  Exhibit  here in San Antonio at the Mcnay Art Museum it was Amazing. We saw his tables, desks, lamps and the clocks. Our homes are filled with really old vintage Miles van der Rohe, Le Corbusier furniture. We have been having fun coming up with ideas for how we are going to get all of our things together. I have read other bloggers that have gotten married about having to sell some of their things to make room ( hell No! ) I love my modern furniture :) I will take pictures of his house. Beautiful. Hope you ladies got some rest and are now in your Pjs and drinking some hot cocoa or enjoying you much awaited gifts  I am about to put a log on the fire and spend time with my Boxer He was alone for quite a while ( Have to make it up to him). Now we wait for 2012. yay!


  1. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas:). It sounds great! Ben and I had a wonderful day as well - I don't think I've left the couch since lunch! Ha - talk about relaxing!

  2. Sounds Great, I am glad you & Ben and your pups had a Nice time. Hope to see you soon in 2012. I am sooo Looking forward to it!