Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve

Hope all of your wishes come true
Hello Ladies, Just a small Christmas wish for those of you who celebrate it. I ran around all day trying to get the Fiance & future In- laws gifts. Had a great dinner at the local  Grimaldi's Pizza yum! They are so good! I always order the Fresh tomato and basil pizza. It was really cold today. So we thought what better comfort food than pizza? After that we went and did our daily routine which is to drive to Light The way It is amazing. A tradition started by the school president Dr Louis Agnese jr. We drive over there everyday until they take it down in January. Listening to our Christmas music on our local radio station. It's Awesome and fun!  Then head out to our Starbucks and get some Hot Chocolate. Came home lit the fireplace and do our thing. Mine being my blog and my fiance is in the garage hiding my gifts :/  He's not spilling a thing! I watched a Christmas Story on DVD and am now watching the last Emperor. Drastic shift right? Anyway, Keep up with me on my polyvore as I put all of my daily outfits on there. Have a wonderful weekend and please keep in touch.
Small Glimpse
From High rise across the street, Luckies!

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