Friday, January 27, 2012

My Mystery Shrug

Don't know the name of this cute top 

Jennifer Meyer Necklace

Cute Scarf
Hello Ladies :)
Haven't been blogging lately, Been really busy with life. My fiance just landed a huge job. And we are trying to figure out how to work out our schedules. He is going to be working with Airplane turbine engines. His Mechanical Engineering degree is going to come in handy :) And I am busy just keeping our dogs happy. He has a female Boxer and I have a boy Boxer. She's a solid white one, Mine is a Fawn. I haven't been in the mood for pictures lately. But this is a favorite top. If anyone knows the name please  let me know. I am busy on my polyvore though. I update everyday. seems more simple than me hauling a camera and freezing my butt off! I am happily waiting for Spring <3


  1. Congrats to your fiance on the new job! How exciting.

    I don't know the name of your top, unfortunately. It is really pretty though, and so is your necklace. Love it!

  2. Thanks Kristin :) Love my Necklace. My favorite piece. Have a good Week <3

  3. eeee! I love the pompoms on the scarf!!

  4. Hi Sarah, Me too! I wish I knew the name so I could get it on to mu Polyvore!

  5. Hey Gabby!

    Your cardi top is here:

    Hope that helps you sweetie!
    Have a great day :0)