Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where are some of the bloggers? And things to be Grateful for

Bold Boutonniere Dress

Hello Ladies, It's been a very busy month. Traveled a bit, Doing some work on the home :) And keeping busy.I have not had the pleasure of owning this dress and I found it on EA. For $45. I am searching for the Cream colored version too. E bay has some but they are totally tiny like size 2 or 4. I am a 6. So my search continues. I visit EA on a weekly basis and usually find a great bargain. Thank goodness for Roxy and her great website :) I am one grateful girl!  Not to change the subject or anything but, I have been noticing that many of the really popular bloggers are M.I.A. And I'm sure they all have lives just like I do. I don't know about you but I am used to visiting and reading about what they are wearing and what they are up too. I miss some of them. I still visit my faves and leave them messages when I can, But I do go and stop by I love to see their beautiful outfits. I have just been really busy and haven't had time to do the blog. And I hate the cold. So, I haven't had time to dress outside of going out with my man. And he's the shy quiet type. So he won't be joining in the pics. And my little photog is busy with her life as well. We have been getting things done. Wedding will probably be next year or so. I want to get Married 12-12-12. I know it sounds far but I like the  Month, day and Year. We are planning it out really well. I don't want to jump into it too fast. We are also thinking about moving to Dallas Texas where the fiance worked years ago. It has been a roller coaster year for me and I am still trying to get many things in order. But I am grateful for my daughter and for my cousin who have been my rocks. My cousin Judy had Leukemia and almost died. They had to amputate both her legs due to hospital neglect of physical therapy while she was in a medical coma. But she is such a happy person. No matter how bad it gets she is a real inspiration to me. She's always happy and makes me laugh. Right now about 150 miles separate us. But she texts me every night to tell me Goodnight and she loves me <3 She is the only family I have. I don't have my parents and never had siblings. So, as you can see she is my closest friend. My dad and her dad were brother's and she is about 8 years younger than I. But we have always had a really strong bond. I have missed her but I am really glad that she is back. Anyway, I hope that I see some of my favorite bloggers back and to the ones that I do see. Thanks for making my evenings great. Makes me feel like I have my friends here waiting every night. Me and the fiance are happily moving along and just being best friends as always. He makes me laugh and he is the sweetest man next to my father that I have ever met. Still opens my car door every time. And calls me his "Sweet love" He is already planning to take me back to the tower for my Birthday. Hopefully by then I will start working on getting busy with my blog. If you'd like I am always on Polyvore and keep up with that on a daily basis. Seems easier and more effective for me right now. Ladies, Stay safe & warm. have a great long weekend.. Gabby <3


  1. It is nice to reflect on those loved ones we have, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder.

    It is a little quiet in the blogosphere these days, but I guess that's to be expected too. Maybe as we head into spring...I know I enjoyed this much more when I was able to take better pictures outside!

  2. True Sarah, I know I hate doing the picture taking while rattling the teeth hee hee. But I do hope it picks up. Have a wonderful week <3