Monday, July 16, 2012

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

All Grown up
Beautiful Boy - 1989
I was listening to the John Lennon song " Beautiful Boy" And it reminded me of my youngest son. He is the baby. He is 23. I remember the day he was born. I was the happiest mom there that day. Time goes by so fast and they leave all too soon. I love being a mom. I loved it when my kids were little. Now they are all adults and I miss the "Mommy" times. He and I had a ritual that we did every morning. I pretended that he was a little fish that I would fry in the mornings. ( I know, it sounds silly & maybe mean but he loved it )  I'd walk in the room and I could already hear his giggles. I would warn him " Here I am... Going to get ready to fry you" Then I would proceed to turn him on each side and fry him.. I would make the sounds of a sizzle in  a pan. And he LOVED it!  When I was done " frying" him he was ready to get up, Get dressed and go to school. He always has a smile on his face, Has a million friends. I am so proud of him. He was a a football player ( Defensive Lineman ) they won State Champions in 2006 and they got the most beautiful football ring.Now he is a DJ and plays all over. He is coming out in one of our local radio stations as a guest DJ. He's been in a movie and won an award for Best short Film here where we live. Doing a skit of the movie  Tommy Boy. With his Director  and friend Danny Geraldo. Keep him in mind. I know he's going to be famous one of these days. He's good!! He just finished filming in L.A.( Danny)
I get to see him once in a while because his work comes first. I know I blog mostly about clothing. But today it's about him. Have a great day ladies. And hope that you that are mom's will enjoy a piece of my world .John Lennon's Song  <----- For my Beautiful Boy.

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