Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zara Shoes and J.Crew Sash

These are the shoes that I had been posting about. I really like these. They are so pretty and Comfy. The pink is very subtle almost nude. Now these don't go with every outfit. But they did with my outfit today. I really, really like them. I especially love the straps. They add a little whimsy to the shoes. The sash is from  J. Crew. I bought it because of the sequins and the color blush. I love that color. Goes with the shoes just right. I wore the outfit I posted  on my Polyvore except for the shoes. ( I changed my mind ) Because I noticed the top matched the shoes perfectly. I am addicted to shoes and wish that I could stop buying them. I do sell the ones I do not wear though. I don't believe in keeping shoes that I do not wear. But these are definitely keepers.! Keep on shopping Ladies <3

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