Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zara's Studded Sandals

This is my shoes for today. It's super hot in SA. It looked like we were getting a monsoon a few days ago. But nothing. We really need the rain. We went to the mall yesterday and I was able to stay true to not spending. I read a blog stating that looking at other people's blogs makes you more likely to buy things that are neither your taste or something you really need. I wonder how true that is? I know for a while I got caught up in wanting everything I saw. Now I just have repeats of my older pieces. Not the norm. But I can still revolve my outfits. What say you all?


  1. It is super hot here in Portland too. Ugh. I love those sandals! I think it's sometimes easy to get caught up in seeing what other people are wearing and wanting to buy new things, but it's also nice to see what other people are wearing and be inspired to use what you already have in a new/different way.

  2. Hi Kristin :)
    So true. I would love to buy so many of the pretty things out there. But my Anthropologie / J. Crew closet is full. I have to eventually say no :( I troll eBay for teh older pieces. But for right now, I am just doing the repeats but styling them in different ways. Thank You for you feedback! :)