Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some of my Favorite Poets & Questions for you!

  • "Drink wine, it's what remains of the harvest of youth — the season of roses and wine and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life," Omar Khayam  1048 - 1131

 This is another older book by Kahlil Gibran
 ( 1883- 1931 ) Born in Lebanon
Marriage is a word uttered by four lips, proclaiming the heart a throne...Love a king.....And fidelity a crown. 
It's the beginning of that magic vibration...that carries the lovers from world of weights and measures.....into the world of dreams and revelations.

These are two of the books that I like. I have many favorite poets/ writers. I don't get to read as much as I would like. But I do when I can steal a few minutes and if I am lucky a few hours once in a while. I like Ernest Hemminway.  I like Jane Austen but have only read Sense and Sensibility. I would like to read Pride and Prejudice. But sometimes life takes you away from some of the things you love to do because that's life! Also, I really like that movie " The Jane Austen Book club"  Did you see it? I loved it! And don't get me started on movies!!! OMG! I am a big time movie fiend. If you were stuck on an Island. What book would you take? If someone told you you were going to Space and could only take 1 Movie which would you pick and why? I like to know what other women here like to read and or like to watch.
Some of my favorite movies.
1. The Break up
2. Open Windows ( Italian Film)
3. Amelie ( French Film )
3. Remains of the day
4. Friends with Money
5. Them by Richard Grandpierre - Released as Ills in Europe- thriller

6. Random Hearts
7.Message in a Bottle
8. Deadline, This was Brittany Murphy's last movie - also a thriller
So there are only a few of my faves, BTW. I Love Jennifer Aniston. She's my favorite actress. I have mentioned it before. I just think that what you see is what you get with her. Some disagree but I like her <3
Anyway my ladies...I had a long day and I didn't feel good but just wanted to touch base with my gals. Sending you some ** Bliss**


  1. Hi Gabby,
    I love Khalil Gibran's poems too. He has a way with words, it's inspiring and uplifting and sweet.
    Omg, you just got me started here. I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan. I loved all her books and also love all her books that have been adapted to movies and short series. Pride and Prejudice w. Colin Firth! That is a MUST SEE!!! He plays Darcy and he emerges from the lake shirtless. seriously a swoon-worth moment.
    As far as movies - Once is my ALL time favorite. It's a small indie film w. a big heart. It's a musical but it's not a cheesy musical. I rarely rewatch fimls but I've seen Once over a dozen times!
    I enjoyed jane Austen's book club, also fan of Jenn A..... Team Aniston all the way. I'm still pissed at Angelina for stealing Brad.
    Ohhh yes, I love french films too and Amelie was a good one. Also enjoyed Life is Beautiful, ohhhh, so many films so little time, gotta cart my kids to school now. ttyl Gabby. And sorry to confuse you but I didn't not go to college in Austin (only visited there while I was a college student), I went to the Univ of Wisc- Madison. A cheese town and I am a cheese head, lol.

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  3. Love the poems:) If I were stuck on an island, and could only have 1 book, it would be The Secret Life of Bees. That is my all-time favorite book. It is very comforting and special to me for many reasons. If I could only choose 1 movie, I would probably choose dirty dancing! I don't know why - just because I love it so much and I have a lot of good memories from the time it came out and other times when I've watched it. Fun post!

  4. Thank You Lisa, There I go again. Lost you for a bit :( Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Thank you for the Link! :)