Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello! I'm On Ebay! And so are......2 other bloggers

This is too Weird
Hello. This is weird. I was looking for the Four  if by Sea skirt for a fellow blogger friend and came upon this. It's me!! and 2 other bloggers. I yelled out.  "I'm on Ebay" And I am! It's kinda weird. But I don't mind. I guess people do what they have to do to sell their stuff. Luckily it was back when I was just taking pictures without showing my face. At least the seller was kind enough to blurr out the other's pictures, And ranked me among "Some popular bloggers" I hardly stand a chance. But it was a sweet gesture.. Has this happened to anyone else?  Four if by Sea Skirt on Ebay  It's in one of the bottom pics. My daughter thinks it's hilarious.  Oh well, It made me laugh. I just hope I don't keep popping up all over the place. But the skirt is there for sale in case someone is looking for one. Too small for my friend. :(  I am off to bed. Busy day tomorrow. Weather is still wet & cold. So we are going to have to take our pictures and make a dash for the warm. Put I promise I'll be posting soon. Goodnight Ladies :)


  1. Hey Gabby!!

    Just wanted to say *Hi* :)

    Anyways, I noticed this seller is using my pictures too of the blouse on the hardwood floor...

    I guess our pictures are public so that's going to happen! It would make me more upset if I was in the pic, you know?!
    You know me, I'm not one to have my face all over the interwebs ;)

    Have a great day sweetie and happy honeymoon shopping!! :0)

  2. Hey! I was looking at them boots on Ea! They are Sweet! What size? And yes, I guess they are public pictures. I don't mind though. But I know you are pretty private. We were just thinking how funny / weird to see oneself on Ebay!

  3. Ha- how strange to come across yourself like that!

    I finally scored this pretty skirt through EA, after years of trying!

  4. I hear you, I looked for this skirt for about a year and a half. I found it on Ebay from a seller in New York. They didn't know what it was and they had it as a buy it now for $29.99 I was so happy. I whined for this skirt on EA as well. With no luck. I'm happy you own it. It's very versatile.