Monday, December 19, 2011

Rocking round Christmas Tree.....A pair of?

Valentino Rock Stud Shoes
Hi Ladies, Hope you are all having fun! I know many people are out there having their company parties and Planning trips :) To all of you, stay safe. I have been trying really hard to take my pictures. But it's been like living in Seattle. Rain, Cold, rain. Can't catch a break! No sun.  These are some of the things that  I want for Christmas. A pair of  Valentino Rock Stud Shoes  I want them in the two tone color like the ones above. I am sad though because these puppies sold out a Long time ago. But I will keep my hopes up. Maybe one day I will find these for me. I have made a Polyvore of some of the things I want. My Christmas list is super short. As in. Just these few things. I am buying me a New car and that takes priority. I'm buying a Honda Fit a Black one  I have been trying to be good and not spend my car money. I think I will probably be getting it next month or so. I know Ze Blog is a bit boring right now. But I am getting my little helper to set us up soon. I wish I had more time to devote to the picture taking. The weather is just not helping and I am not a lover of Winter. Not my favorite season at all. I love fall and Spring. I do like wearing Coats, boots, Cardigans and all the fun stuff that comes with the cold.. weird I know :/


  1. Is that snow falling? How cute!

    Love those shoes - fingers crossed that you find them one day:) I hope the weather cooperates for you soon!

  2. Hi Kristin- Me too! :) They have been a favorite of mine for a while. I hope that one day I can find this color scheme. Hard to find, You have a Happy Holiday with your little family...Gabby <3