Saturday, December 10, 2011

Line Horizon Dresses in Both Colorways

Blue Colorway
Red Colorway
Hello Ladies, These are two dresses that I love. I am planning some pretty looks for these on my Polyvore. These two dresses are very wanted and searched for all over. I have happened to be lucky enough to find them. I notice that I am not the typical Anthropologie Blogger as bloggers go. I tend to love their older pieces as opposed to the newest stuff. Don't get me wrong. I love the new stuff but love the older pieces that are more of the collector's items or vintage pieces. I am trying really hard to try to recycle my clothing and not make too many expenses for myself. I am pretty much Debt free. I only have a J. Crew card and a Banana Republic card. I am paying them of soon and plan on only paying cash for my wanted items. I am tired of credit!! And won't be getting in debt for clothing. SO! These are my older, New to me dresses. I am very happy with my finds and hope that everyone understands that I won't be posting too new just out items. And hope that you enjoy my rants about my finds on EA or Ebay. Have a Lovely Weekend my friends!

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