Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anthropologie Sunwashed Dots shirtdress!! Happy Halloween :)

I am a Happy Girl today. I found this dress! I know I am kinda late in the game but I am very proud that I found it. At a great price too! I don't know how much these Retailed for but I found this one NEW. I am going to pair it with a pair of chartreuse flats. Won't be easy but I'm gonna give it a go. Like I always say. I am not a quitter. I will make my shoe find.And will also find the perfect sweater too. I see the girl blogger's talking about shoes, skirts, name it. We are all very crafty and know how to save a buck. Not Bad for a Halloween Gift :) Yeah!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt

Well, I have to say that I am quite content with this belt. It fits really well and is comfortable. I thought it would make me feel Fat! don't know why but belts do that to me sometimes. If they aren't at my hips with my jeans I feel fat! Weird quirk I guess. But I love it. If someone is second guessing getting this they shouldn't it's lovely. I'm wearing it with my cute Gap sweater and My J. Crew jeans. My booties are just some booties I purchased and I've seen similar In fashion mags. I just think they are comfortable and They are adorable. Have a great Saturday, I'm off to shop!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seaside Fields Dress

I really, really want this pretty dress. I hope I can get it. It's not expensive at all. I love the yellow and Blue combo The Ruffles on the neck alone make a statement no need for jewelry. And the way it hugs the hips. Hmm? Maybe I will check it out. But for now Only on my wish List.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My outfit today

This is Just a cute dress name brand Soprano... I am wearing my Mia Sandals, I really like these. They are super comfy.Cleaning and running errands. No fancy stuff. Working on taking some stuff to my local Goodwill. I believe in recycling as well as selling on E bay. Well, Have loads of stuff to get done. I will post more of my closet later....Have a Great Tuesday!

More Forever 21, Phillip Lin, Gap

These are more of my cuties. One on the left is a Gap dress. Very summery, white with these really pretty small delicate  green leaves.Very feminine. Next one is a Phillip Lin Called "The Rosette".The rest of the dresses are all from  Forever 21. Aren't they pretty? I have TONS! of dresses. I can't part with some just yet. But some of these are going on E bay. I am super organized and don't hoard. So sometimes I do have to part with some of my favorite things, Let another person enjoy :)

My Anthropologie and Forever 21 and Culture

These are also some of my other pretty dresses. The Anthropologie to the far left is a lacy cover up. It has a velvet ribbon tie up front. The rest are just very feminine dresses from Forever 21, I wear these on my dates. The Last dress is a very, very shear dress. It has clusters of pretty sequined flowers up front on each shoulder.And a big bunch on the back. By Culture...I wear this with my jeans. Looks great and I get loads of compliments. Will be posting more of my stuff as I go on my journey of rearranging my little dresses and my closet. Give me your feedback or share your style.

Closet peek and Closet clean out

This is just a small peek into some of my clothing. I am going to be doing some closet cleaning today. I have a really simple taste, I guess you could say. I don't believe in the theory that you have to spend thousands of dollars on an outfit to look great. Like I've said on here I get some stuff on E bay. But there are things that I pay retail for because I am not one to wait a year to have the look of last year. Plus, I am a size 6. They sell out pretty quick. I am going to start to put SOME of my summer stuff away.Although here in Texas we have great weather.We usually still wear shorts in December. But I am also looking forward to wearing my boots the Steve Madden "Roady" They are so much fun. I also have a pair of black Prada boots that look great with leggings. I purchased a Balenciaga Jacket that set me back about 2 grand. But! I will own it Forever.Planning out my strategy for this fall and winter. But again Just keep it simple inexpensive and look & feel good.

Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt. Score! And......

I found one! A looping Lanes belt. I don't know how much they were at Anthropologie but I purchased one on E bay. I also bought The Anthropologie  Fennel Flower skirt in a size 6. At a steal. New with tags. I don't have any pictures yet as I just bought the skirt today.  And am waiting on the belt I purchased last week.I am totally excited. I am still hoping that either Zappos or Endless restocks the Seychelles Box step in Yellow and powder blue....Then I think It would make my year. But then again?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not Seychelles but just as pretty! Without the huge price tag. :)

These aren't any great designer shoes. But they are very cute. I purchased them because they reminded me of days gone by. I am not old it's just that I had a great aunt who was young in the twenties. She dressed really classy with dresses that were from the roaring 20's. These brought back memories of the stories she used to tell me when I was growing up. I remember playing in her closet and wearing her high heeled peep toe shoes that had these high heels! and wearing her beautiful clothing.She was one of those early trend setters Anthropologie would have been her signature wardrobe. Because that's what she would have looked like now.  I adore these shoes. They have a lovely Orange/ Gold hue to them. I am planning a very special dress for these. It has to have that vintage look to it. I'm going to look high and low, I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seychelles- Cute as a button!

I found these cute Seychelles on E bay. Aren't they adorable? I was really happy to finally get them. I have been trying to find a decent pair and I wear a size 6 and these are hard to come by in this size. I also notice that they run a bit big. By at least a 1/2 inch. Next time I will have to go with a 5 1/2. Ouchy! That's tight. But these aren't that bad as I can still walk in them. But I thought this look was for me. I have my eye on The  Seychelles Box stepin Yellow or powder blue. I just  haven't had much luck in finding them on Endless or even Zappos They only have 7 and 8's. They've sold out of the small sizes. Anyway, These will work just fine :)  I am a prolific treasure hunter and will find my shoes. It's just a matter of patience. If anyone has a pair they want to part with let me know !Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harolds Cardigans :) My finds today!

These two are my finds of the day!I found these two at one o fmy favorite Haunts. It is from Harold's and It is a deep rich red. The fur on it is really soft. I'm sure it's not real fur though.Maybe someone can send me ideas as to what to pair this one with.The green one is also from Harold's and has a leopard print on the inside which paired with a like skirt will look great. The buttons are little drops of Glass which makes this one unique and adds a touch of Class to this cutey. The green cardigan is very dark apple green. For some reason it's not pulling in the color on here. I am looking to pair this one sweater with my J. Crew leopard open toe pumps. But I'm on the prowl for the skirt. But It has to be a name brand and be classic looking too.

White House Black market Blazer with Anthro top

So I am going to go out tonight and it's not quite cold but it's a bit crisp at dusk. So i paired my cute Anthropologie top with This White House Black Market Blazer. I really like the ribbing around the chest area. It's a very Pretty Cream Color, With ultra tiny brown Specks but the fabric is a buttery soft but yet has a very stiff style to it. I am going to be on the look for a pencil skirt that's is brown or even a cream color and pair them together. They will look great. Also have the perfect pair of shoes to go with this. Seychelles. Will post as soon as I find  "the" pefect skirt. I am wearing it with My J.Crew Flats in a pretty yellow color.

Anthropologie Floreat from the meadow Top. Sweet!

My New purchase. Bought this and it is the prettiest top. Just got it today. I am wearing it with my Joe's Jeans and My J. Crew Flats. This is a very comfortable. I am going to Anthropologie to check out their sale rack. Maybe I'll find some great stuff. Anything Anthro will do. Especially a cute Dress or skirt. Headed out and hope to have a great day! You have one too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles!

These are the prettiest sandals. They are J. Crew. I purchased these and have yet to wear them. I don't know what to wear with them? Don't know if I should wear them with a Skirt? Shorts? Dress? Are these too dressy? They have some serious sparkle to them. They are a very pretty Bronze leather with clusters of Marcasite stones and Rhinestones. Very feminine.I guess I'll figure it out. Almost feel like Cinderella!

Totally a great day!

I woke up and felt great today. Wanted to wear something very girlie and light. So this is what I came up with. I love this dress. It's from The gap. Has a beautiful long Bow which I like to tie up front instead of the back. Gives it a good edge. I'm also wearing a white Ann Taylor sweater. And my J. Crew vineyard Sandals. I believe that's their name. I have 4 pairs.. I love them! Made another Rick Owens Find. Purchased The ever popular "Snakebit" Belt from Anthropologie. AWESOME! Have my eye open for another great want. But will see what happens. I'll be like Scarlet....Worry about it tomorrow. Hope you like :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Columbus day was great formy finds :)

I went nuts buying RICK OWENS this last few weeks. I Found the skirt from previous post and Love it! Then I found a set of not only the skirt but the top! I was dying to see the UPS guy yesterday....waiting.....waiting and finally he showed up with my finds. I have to say that Rick Owens becomes an addiction. A good one though. But it's kinda pricey. But who cares! I love his stuff. Anyway, Thought I'd share my latest. Don't know when I'll wear the combo.But I will definitely post it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Saturday with Rick Owens :) Love him!

Well, I'm Not with him really....I am wearing one of his fabulous skirts! Have you ever owned Rick Owens? His Clothing is unreal. It's so Soft, clingy, draped just all together heaven to wear. I am starting to really love his clothing. He's a genius. If i was loaded that's all I would wear.I purchased this one on E bay. Don't expect to spend less than about maybe between $ 200.00 to maybe even in the high 500's for his stuff.Some even in the 700 price range for a simple skirt. I bought this from an awesome seller! Don't have her permission to use her name so I won't. Plus I think somethings just have to be kept secret ;) I am wearing it with a top from Anthropologie. Brand name Bailey 44. Was about $88.00 Brand new of course.I love the flowers on this top. The skirt almost has an Egyptian feel and look to it. Hence my sandals. I feel so pretty today :) Headed out. getting some food. Starving actually maybe P. F. Chang's today?

Funday Friday :)

It's 2Am and I'm here blogging about my day.I am really bushed!!  A Trip to the local botanical Garden was great. Saw so many amazing flowers, Trees, Art work. I didn't feel like dressing up so just grabbed what I could find and this was it. Pretty lame Outfit I must admit. Gap T.  Lani Bubble Top, X2 Jeans w 01 Skinny and my cute shoes that are super comfy. After our outdoor adventure we also went shopping!. I  found some really cute outfits. Will post as I go along. Had a great day though. Ate at Ruby Tuesday. Had the crab cake dinner. Smashed Cauliflower and grilled asparagus. With Mango Tea. Tomorrow is a new day:)


Friday, October 8, 2010

These were some cuties taking a nap!

This is where they were napping...By a Lake :)
So, They were are cuddled together taking an afternoon nap. There were more ducks there but these particularly caught my eye. They were so content. There was a professional photographer also taking their picture, I'm sure hers is way better than mine. But this was totally a great view.

Botanical Gardens Today!

These are a few of the beautiful things we saw. I took so many pictures though! I just thought these were so pretty. And The arbor was amazing. It was so cool and breezy there. It was a hot day today and we sat there and wished we had this at home. Beautiful Flowers.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Juicy Couture shoes...Sweet !!

Aren't these cute? I purchased them on Ebay. They are so comfy. And I have been finding myself  "In Love" with them. I am thinking of all kinds of cute things to wear them with. Of course it's getting colder and probably will be replacing them with my Steve Madden Roady boots. Or my cute Uggs. Have 3 pairs of those. Also a pair of black Prada's boots are so much fun when it gets cold. right?

Beautiful day:)

Happy Thursday :)
Starting another day. Hoping I won't have a bad day like yesterday. But who knows. Life sometimes is strange and we must just be grateful to be here. Anywho! My outfit for today, It's a really cute top "Made in France" got it from Anthropologie, It's white and looks like those frilly shirts from Mexico. My jeans are cuffed Calvin Klein...Yeah I know! But they are comfy. And My Juicy Couturechain Flats. I am not really skinny, but I'm average a size 6 and also a size 6 in shoes. Although I can wear a 4. Depends on the dress. J. Crew dresses in a 6 are a bit too big .So is Banana Republic. For some reason their clothes swim on me :( So! I scored me some really nice Rick Owens finds. You'll have to wait and see them. And so will I. Waiting on my favorite mailman, He always drops of my great buys at my door step. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The platform bed and Mr. Filmore

This is my bed made up for Fall, I pick this up at West Elm. Have the same one in a rich dark brown. My big frog ( Filmore ) came from a local museum. He was too cute to leave behind. I love frogs. So send me some feedback on my bed. it's always nice to know if people like your beds, clothes, sense of style. Have a great day.

Getting ready for fall :) Another Casual day!

Hi :)
Getting ready to get things done today, I have a system every year of cleaning out my closet. So getting ready to sell my stuff on Ebay. I'm just going to be here cleaning and working on my room. Changed out my bed look. I'm not a person that likes to keep the same old stuff around. So I change things around all the time! I'm an Aquarius Always creative and unpredictable. Here is my outfit for the day. The current Elliot jeans, J. Crew flowery top, and My Mary Janes that are super cute and comfy!Then will head out and grab some lunch...Come home and make dinner :)

Please share your thought on what your style is. It's fun trading our favorite cute clothing isn't it?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nice lazy Tuesday:)

Hi !! This was a Lazy Tuesday for me. Well, Kind of. I did laundry, Made dinner but stayed in ALL day. I am wearing... Maharishi Sno pants, J. Crew Ribbed Tank, And J. Crew Vineyard sandals. With a scarf my aunt gave me. All In all a cute comfy outfit. Jennifer Aniston has a pair of these Maharishi Sno pants in the same color. They are so great to wear to just go to the store and maybe stop of at the local Starbucks and get me a Caramel Macchiato. Yummy end to a lazy day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

First Sweater of the season!

This was my first sweater day. This cute sweater is made by Sparrow I purchased it at at Anthropologie. The belt is a very thin belt from Banana Republic. The Khaki Pants are ankle ultra thin From J. Crew. Pretty Cute. It's starting to get a bit cooler these day's so out comes the sweaters and Boots. Woo!! Hoo!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting Ready to add New Outfits

I haven't had time to really get into posting my finds lately. I guess it's the laziness of the fall setting in. But I did manage to go search Ebay yet again. I found these Jeffrey Campbell "Pixie" Booties. They are SO cute. I wore them with a white pair of pants and a top from Urban outfitters that is black with the most beautiful swirls of off white. It's a Bubble top. It looked really great. I am in the process of getting me a door mirror to start posting my clothing. I am going to be posting outfits and nothing to extravagant. Just my personal style. The style that we all have the uniquely our own. Please share yours.