Friday, March 16, 2012

Babergh Dress

Babergh Dress
Hello Ladies, This is my polyvore account set. I am going to celebrate my anniversary with the Love of my Life and I am asking my polyvore pals to help me find some shoes to match these dresses. Except for the Babergh of course. I will be trying to find shoes to match the other two dresses. My mind is just a blank! If you all have any ideas please send them my way. I would appreciate it. My fiance and I went to the Michael Buble' concert a while back and I want the song "You & I" played at our wedding.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Floating Forsythia Dress

The Hat
Hat & Dress
Hello Ladies,
Hope you are all doing well. I finally got me this dress. I have dreamt of owning this one for a very long time. I missed out so many times on eBay that I finally gave up. So, I visit EA every once in a while and I found a very nice seller there. I have purchased from her before and so I knew her items would be in superb shape. She was so sweet. She let me have the hat too :) Because she said she wouldn't see the dress and hat without each other so to speak. But I think it was very generous of her to do that. And the hat wasn't cheap either. So to "M" Thank You <3
I read the reviews from several reviewers and did not like what I read. I was almost thinking that I should have read before I bought. But I was so IN LOVE that I just bought it. And boy am I glad I did!! It fits perfect! I  did not have any of the issues that I read about. The front is shear but not so that you will be showing your girls all over. My dress flows and is very feminine. It's below the knee and will look very vintage with the hat. Now what shoes to wear? The color will be hard to match. I have my Budding T Straps? Give me some ideas ladies. I haven't been on here so I don't know the traffic I have. But anyone is welcome to give me their input. I plan on wearing this soon and will probably start treking out to find some pretty places to take my pictures. I am sorry it's just a picture of the items like a bad eBay picture. But I was so excited to share. As you know I am more into the older pieces of Anthropologie than the newest stuff. I just like the unique older styles and pieces. Maybe deep down I am just catching up :) Have a Great week! Gabby