Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love, Love, Love!

Summer Wedding at Last
Vera Wang on Weddings - Gown - Vera Wang Luxe Alice
My Wedding Dress

Pretty Train
Love the Corsage
Well, The time has come to show you all my Pretty. I have found "The One" This is it. The dress that I have been looking for and finally found. We are starting to make our wedding plans and my sweetheart bought me the dress that I wanted. We are getting married in Maui as I have told you all before. We decided to wait because he got a new job and travels a lot!!  He gave me the green light and I am more than happy! He is such a wonderful person and I cannot imagine my life without him.  I know that we are getting married in June. Haven't picked a date yet. My daughter loved this dress. I had two dresses and this one was the one we all liked. It is going to be a really small wedding. Just a few of our loved ones. I hope that you all like my dress. I have been looking forever. When one gets married it has to be the right dress. And I have waited for this one to come into my life. I am planning the little things right now. Like moving and getting ready for my new life to begin. Seems like 2013 will be my year. Many good things have happened 2012-2013. And I am with the love of my life. I feel like my life is finally going to be complete. I have a new job. I am getting a new home. And I feel very blessed. I think that I have finally realized I have more than I had hoped for. And for that I am grateful. Thank You for stopping by. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Please!! Tory Burch 'Tory Landmark' Coin & Link Bracelet

Tory Burch" Landmark" Coin and Link Bracelet

Hello Ladies,
This is the prettiest bracelet. I love it. I haven't really seen in in real life but, I think I am in love. It is so cute. I haven't really given my sweetheart a "List" I have a few items that he knows I want. But I think this will be one of them. It is $195.00. This would be a great statement piece. Tory Burch is one of my favorites and have several of Tory Items. Mostly shoes. Of course :)  I just posted this one because I think it's worth a mention. You don't see many unique pieces like this one. Hope you all like it as well. I know many bloggers like Etsy vintage pieces. This reminded me of such a piece but new. I don't know if I will get this but, I am considering texting the boyfriend and letting him know he has another item on the list. I only asked him for a few things this year since he buys me so many things already. But If he doesn't get it I will. I love it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sole Society Shoes for Christmas

Purchased  for Christmas

I have been on a shoe craze lately. But these shoes are my faves for now. I have been wanting a pair of red shoes with studs. I have a pair of Valentino's om my Christmas list but even my Santa has his limits. I found these shoes on Sole Society - Margie's They are very pretty and are also affordable. I think they are going to become one of my favorite shoe websites. I think these will make for a very pretty Christmas Picture with my Fiance. We are spending Christmas together and have been planning our tree hunt soon. He travels now and we don't see each  other as often as before. But I pretty much live with him on the weekends. We have been going to the movies every weekend.  He comes home on Friday's and leaves on Sundays. I work and we try to work our schedules so as we can have some serious fun. I think wedding plans are not too far away.  I have a pretty good idea where my dress is going to come from as well as the ever important shoes.  I think we all love shoes. I know that I think I have more shoes than clothing. Maybe. But for now these are going out on Christmas Eve, The Fiance and I have plans to go to a really romantic trip <3 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


What to say *Sigh*

This is so Beautiful
I Love this Sketch

Hello to my Blog friends. I have been gone so long that I forgot I had my blog. I am working now,  I love my job. I have been having the best time. I adore the people I work with and my Bosses are the best! I also wanted to just post about my favorite subject. Yes, LOVE. As you all already know I am engaged and plan on getting married. This person is the Love of my Life. I go to sleep thinking of him and wake up to his voice on the other side of the phone. Saying "Good morning Baby" I love him!! I miss him! He travels and is gone 5 days a week. Our weekends are spent attached at the hip. Of course if I am not at work. But he is there to pick me up and takes me to eat after. He kisses me every morning when he wakes up. This is the person that I was born to be with. I am always talking about him on my Polyvore and I am sure they get sick of hearing my stories...LoL. This is just a small token of my Love for him. I won't get to see him till Friday. But I will be waiting for him to get home and go have fun. We usually go to the movies on Friday nights. I am off this Friday night. Just wanted to touch base with the girls that I talk to on here. I wish I had more time to do my blog stuff like I used to. But my priorities are different now,  So not much time to take pictures :(  I visit my faves and say hi :)  So, Until then I am off to sleep. I have work tomorrow. My life is full and I am happy. I wish the same for all of you. I hope that you all have someone who put's wind in your sails. Because I have love that is like that. Have a Great week. And to my LOVE. I love you with all of my heart. I will see you Friday. <3 

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Madewell Fall Faves

I love Shoes

These two are so pretty

Would also love to own the Green Version
Love this Sweater

I got my Madewell Catalog and these are some of the things that stood out. The Sheepmeadow Sweater. And the Pebble Cardigan. I am in Love with the Green Skinny Skinny Cords. They come in Gold & Green and I am going to try and buy the green ones. Although the Gold would be great for Fall. But I think the Green ones would be great for the Holidays. Like Christmas. I can't buy them all but I can certainly have a wish list :) Hope you all have a wish list if of your faves :) These are some of mine :) Enjoy your Friday!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pablo Neruda - Picture Heavy - My favorite Poet

1904 - 1973

Sweet Love

Just wanted to share my Love of my favorite Poet. Pablo Neruda. I love his Poetry
Born Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto.  Neruda won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1971.He died when he was 69. Too young if you ask me!  We had a lovely evening yesterday with lots of rain and I pulled out one of my Neruda Books, I like to read when it's rainy and or cold.( Yesterday being a rainy day ).  I will usually cuddle up with my favorite blanket and some coffee. And just read on and on... His Poems  are really beautiful. I took some small snippets for you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy this post as I love poetry and he is my favorite. I also love E. E. Cummings as well. As William Wordsworth too. I hope that if you stopped by you enjoyed my pictures. I tried to capture his words with pictures. Enjoy! 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

All Things Nautical

Wear mine like this with my Steve Madden "Kingdom" Flats

Love my Dress

Really Cute
I have had fun wearing my nautical outfits this summer. The shoes I don't own but I think they are really cute. I don't know if I will buy them though. I think they are very specific to a look. Right? Striped shoes are kinda hard to match. Unless it's Jeans and a white top. Or white Jeans a white top and a Blue Jean Jacket. But I don't know. I am bad with shoes that have designs on them. Such as these.  I purchased the Steve Madden Kingdom Flats  and I wear these dresses with them. I really like them. The right color honey with the right leather skinny belt. Love!! At the moment I am having a Love / Hate relationship with Summer.  It is so hot here and Texas get's in the 3 digit's hot. So we need some cool weather. It rained tonight and I am happy. Autumn is awesome! I love Fall, But. Hate, hate Winter,  Although we have the mildest winters here. I have enjoyed my J. Crew dresses and won't be wearing them till next summer. Of course by then I will look like a dinosaur. lol. Right now though I am just trying to keep track of other blogger's and their amazing wardrobes. I can't possibly afford any of that stuff. But I have fun seeing beautiful clothing on other women that look pretty in them. I for one am just happy to buy what suits me and trying to save some cash. As you know I am an eBay fan. I save loads of money even if I have to wait months before I get it. By them it's old news. But I am okay with that. I am just sailing along :) Have a Great day ladies. <3 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alice in Wonderland and my Shoes in RL.

Finally got my shoes out. I wanted to show you how cute they are.I am wearing them tomorrow with a dress I bought at Target. Since the dress is long and I am so short this should help. :)

 You all know my Love of Alice in Wonderland. I love her and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I found her in a local shop here. She watches over my perfumes ;)
I put her in our bathroom because I thought she'd look really cute by the mirror. I hope you all are having and have a wonderful weekend. We just got back from a really late dinner. But it was worth it. Took out the Smart car with the top down jamming to Michael Jackson....I miss him <3 Have a wonderful relaxing weekend. I am planning to have a fun one myself!
My Shoes 

Christian Louboutin Shoes, What's a girl to do?

 Christian Louboutin Studded Pigalle Flats
Louboutin  Mary Jane Cork Wedge Shoes

I recently purchased these pretties. The Mary Jane Cork Wedge Shoes. By the famous Designer Christian Louboutin. I really adore his shoes. They are among'st some of my favorites. I would love to own a pair of  the black Studded Pigalle SpikeFlats. .But my budget can't afford them. As you can see in the link they are pretty pricey. So, I found some look - alike's out there and  I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. Such as these at Aldo's. They have several of the same style but different looks and not that expensive. I saw some at the Steve Madden store. They both offer different color varieties. So, The Mary Jane Wedge shoes are my new find. I have been wearing  them with my Current Elliot Jeans. They cuff really nice and make the shoes look really cute.I am considering making a trip to Aldo's or Steve Madden to seek and find me a pair.I know they don't look exactly alike. I have seen a pair on eBay. But even there they were a really big chunk of change. It's probably a trend that will die down but if they are that affordable I can try to get me a cute pair.( or two ) And Aldo's is a good quality shoes source. At least for me. Anyway, I hope you all are also searching after a cute pair of shoes that are in your dreams. I know these have been in mine for a while now. Let me know what your shoes cravings are lately. Happy Shopping!