Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pablo Neruda - Picture Heavy - My favorite Poet

1904 - 1973

Sweet Love

Just wanted to share my Love of my favorite Poet. Pablo Neruda. I love his Poetry
Born Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto.  Neruda won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1971.He died when he was 69. Too young if you ask me!  We had a lovely evening yesterday with lots of rain and I pulled out one of my Neruda Books, I like to read when it's rainy and or cold.( Yesterday being a rainy day ).  I will usually cuddle up with my favorite blanket and some coffee. And just read on and on... His Poems  are really beautiful. I took some small snippets for you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy this post as I love poetry and he is my favorite. I also love E. E. Cummings as well. As William Wordsworth too. I hope that if you stopped by you enjoyed my pictures. I tried to capture his words with pictures. Enjoy! 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

All Things Nautical

Wear mine like this with my Steve Madden "Kingdom" Flats

Love my Dress

Really Cute
I have had fun wearing my nautical outfits this summer. The shoes I don't own but I think they are really cute. I don't know if I will buy them though. I think they are very specific to a look. Right? Striped shoes are kinda hard to match. Unless it's Jeans and a white top. Or white Jeans a white top and a Blue Jean Jacket. But I don't know. I am bad with shoes that have designs on them. Such as these.  I purchased the Steve Madden Kingdom Flats  and I wear these dresses with them. I really like them. The right color honey with the right leather skinny belt. Love!! At the moment I am having a Love / Hate relationship with Summer.  It is so hot here and Texas get's in the 3 digit's hot. So we need some cool weather. It rained tonight and I am happy. Autumn is awesome! I love Fall, But. Hate, hate Winter,  Although we have the mildest winters here. I have enjoyed my J. Crew dresses and won't be wearing them till next summer. Of course by then I will look like a dinosaur. lol. Right now though I am just trying to keep track of other blogger's and their amazing wardrobes. I can't possibly afford any of that stuff. But I have fun seeing beautiful clothing on other women that look pretty in them. I for one am just happy to buy what suits me and trying to save some cash. As you know I am an eBay fan. I save loads of money even if I have to wait months before I get it. By them it's old news. But I am okay with that. I am just sailing along :) Have a Great day ladies. <3 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alice in Wonderland and my Shoes in RL.

Finally got my shoes out. I wanted to show you how cute they are.I am wearing them tomorrow with a dress I bought at Target. Since the dress is long and I am so short this should help. :)

 You all know my Love of Alice in Wonderland. I love her and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I found her in a local shop here. She watches over my perfumes ;)
I put her in our bathroom because I thought she'd look really cute by the mirror. I hope you all are having and have a wonderful weekend. We just got back from a really late dinner. But it was worth it. Took out the Smart car with the top down jamming to Michael Jackson....I miss him <3 Have a wonderful relaxing weekend. I am planning to have a fun one myself!
My Shoes 

Christian Louboutin Shoes, What's a girl to do?

 Christian Louboutin Studded Pigalle Flats
Louboutin  Mary Jane Cork Wedge Shoes

I recently purchased these pretties. The Mary Jane Cork Wedge Shoes. By the famous Designer Christian Louboutin. I really adore his shoes. They are among'st some of my favorites. I would love to own a pair of  the black Studded Pigalle SpikeFlats. .But my budget can't afford them. As you can see in the link they are pretty pricey. So, I found some look - alike's out there and  I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. Such as these at Aldo's. They have several of the same style but different looks and not that expensive. I saw some at the Steve Madden store. They both offer different color varieties. So, The Mary Jane Wedge shoes are my new find. I have been wearing  them with my Current Elliot Jeans. They cuff really nice and make the shoes look really cute.I am considering making a trip to Aldo's or Steve Madden to seek and find me a pair.I know they don't look exactly alike. I have seen a pair on eBay. But even there they were a really big chunk of change. It's probably a trend that will die down but if they are that affordable I can try to get me a cute pair.( or two ) And Aldo's is a good quality shoes source. At least for me. Anyway, I hope you all are also searching after a cute pair of shoes that are in your dreams. I know these have been in mine for a while now. Let me know what your shoes cravings are lately. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zara's Studded Sandals

This is my shoes for today. It's super hot in SA. It looked like we were getting a monsoon a few days ago. But nothing. We really need the rain. We went to the mall yesterday and I was able to stay true to not spending. I read a blog stating that looking at other people's blogs makes you more likely to buy things that are neither your taste or something you really need. I wonder how true that is? I know for a while I got caught up in wanting everything I saw. Now I just have repeats of my older pieces. Not the norm. But I can still revolve my outfits. What say you all?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zara Shoes and J.Crew Sash

These are the shoes that I had been posting about. I really like these. They are so pretty and Comfy. The pink is very subtle almost nude. Now these don't go with every outfit. But they did with my outfit today. I really, really like them. I especially love the straps. They add a little whimsy to the shoes. The sash is from  J. Crew. I bought it because of the sequins and the color blush. I love that color. Goes with the shoes just right. I wore the outfit I posted  on my Polyvore except for the shoes. ( I changed my mind ) Because I noticed the top matched the shoes perfectly. I am addicted to shoes and wish that I could stop buying them. I do sell the ones I do not wear though. I don't believe in keeping shoes that I do not wear. But these are definitely keepers.! Keep on shopping Ladies <3

Friday, August 10, 2012

J. Crew, Fish Tacos and Order up Restaurant

Went to lunch with my daughter. It's hot outside!! Came to one of our favorite  restaurants It's called Order Up  We eat there a lot. Their menu is SO good. We go at least once or twice a week! I love all of their food. Be it Burgers, Salads or Chicken Tacos. They have it all. I wore my cute gold Metallic J. Crew flats.(Sorry about the bruise pic on my foot) My Boxer landed on my poor foot with his big ole paws. I also wore my white J. Crew Shorts and my Mint sweater.It was way too hot for a dress. Hope you all Have a wonderful Friday! We did :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

J. Crew Shimmy dress

J. Crew Shimmy dress

J. Crew Shimmy dress by lepetitdraipiere featuring j. crew dresses

I am going to take off the Black sash. It feels too dressey with the black. I am going to wear either one of these two belts or another Brighton belt I own. It's got a bigger buckle and is woven leather. I just bought the Steve Madden Flats. I wanted a pair of Honey colored shoes that can we worn with White Dresses, Shorts, Boyfriend distressed Jeans and my J. Crew Matchstick White Jeans! : ) Summer is so much fun and l love it. If it were up to me I'd live in hot weather all the time. I bought this dress a while back and it is a very delicate fabric. Bit it's very feminine. Hope you are all having a very nice Summer and are enjoying the last day's we have left of it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

J Crew Sandals

My Cuties
These have been sitting in my closet for a long time.  Haven't had a good  excuse to wear them. They don't look like it but they are heavy. They are really well made I don't know what metal they used but it's really nice and these are gorgeous. I need to wear them before the Summer is over. I have some really simple white Linen Dresses / Skirts and these would look nice. It's been pretty hot here. So, Sandals, Shorts, Tees, And simple clothing is all I want to wear. I am ready for Fall. I am excited that it will soon be here. Hope all of you are ready for it as well. I know some of you have some beautiful Fall / Winter wardrobes. Have a great evening Ladies <3
 I am so ready for this :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Fall Home Re Do - New paint Job!

Pottery Barn Shelves
Looking in From Living Room
My go To's

View It's pretty. Cat's love it. ( Not allowed outside )

This is my Dining room. We have been painting our Town Home. The prior color was a really pretty Marigold color. Looked very Autumn. But I got tired of it and painted it a color called "Cream in my Coffee" By Valspar. It is so pretty! I am a big Lover of  Pottery Barn I have many of their pieces These shelves are awesome and I love them. I have two on each side of what used to be a  very old Mantle that was turned into a book case. The 4th picture is Our Dining room table.The last picture is our view. You can see there is a parking lot. but, We have a really pretty view. There are small bushes and a really pretty walkway. We also have an oak tree. You can kind of see it from the last picture. We have all of our meals here. Like today we had a nice breakfast and we got to see birds, Cats or whatever happened to fly or walk through here. People cannot see inside. We have a mirror window tint. You can see inside at night though if your lights are on..I  had it installed because it  keeps out 85% of the heat. Since our Town Home faces West most of the day. And also for privacy. That way we can keep our curtains open during the day. It's a very pretty  here and quiet place to live. Our two cats and my Boxer love their home too!

Next, My jewelry in the very middle are my " go to's " I hate taking all of my stuff out.Not necessary to wear to many pieces all at once. Nice and simple. Less is more is my style. So I keep these close. They sit on a decorative plate on my shelves.At the moment I have the J. Crew Pearls. The J. Crew Chain Necklace, My lovely Starfish Bracelet that I Love! Some Anthro Piece, A Horn Necklace, And I also have a beautiful Crystal necklace that you can barely see. Wear it almost everyday. Don't know by who though. It's so pretty. So, This is where I keep my cute everyday fun jewelry.

You wouldn't think it but this room looked like a tornado hit it earlier this morning. It was a big mess!! We had to move all of our furniture, Take out books, Move the shelves, Cover the rugs. Oh my God! I am tired. Hope you enjoy looking at my dining Re- Do. And get to see a bit of my home. It was fun, Love the way it looks. But this was it for me. I am ready for the fall. Let me know if you have any projects going on. Take care and stop by and say Hello :- )

J. Crew 2012 Catalog With a cute DIY- Thanks J. Crew Afficionada

2012 - Love the Polka Dots

Fun Project ( Heart on Your Sleeve ) 

Wearing the Chambray with My Cargo's
I found the New Fall / Winter J. Crew Catalog on J Crew Afficionada's Website  The new Catalog has some to die  for clothing. The Second picture  I posted has a cute DIY for the J. Crew Chambray Shirt.It has instructions on how to! Here is a link. J Crew DIY Heart on Your Sleeve  It's from J. Crew's  The ( UnOfficial ) J. Crew Blog 770/ Behind the Line. I am going to try it with mine. I wanted to say Thanks to J. Crew Afficionada for having the Catalog section for us to take photo's from her flickr account. She asks for a small donation and I am going to do my part.( And if you feel compelled too please do). It's lots of work for her to keep us all informed. And all of us J. Crew Addicts should donate.  I am going to be using the 2012 pictures for the stuff that I love! <3 Hope the DIY helps some of you be creative with your wardrobe. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

INDULGY - Picture heavy but worth it

Shoe Love

No kidding

So Beautiful

A Crown
Beautiful Diana


Pillow Heaven


I wish I had this lovely

I Love this bed
I recently discovered Indulgy Website I am in  love with it. I have so many pictures I have saved on my account. You should check it out. The pictures are so beautiful and some are simply breath taking. There are pictures of food and some have the best recipes and I am already going to try some. I love cooking and some great cooks are on here. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I picked. My account is Sweetnovember09.If you decide to open an account come by and follow mine, This is such a creative outlet and I am all for being a creative person. I get so many Ideas for my home and for the "foodie" in me. hope you have enjoyed this piece. I am trying to diversify my blog a bit. With things I love besides just clothing as there are more facets to me other than that. But trust me! I will be posting my Latest pictures of my latest finds :) Enjoy ladies.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Dresses, The Simple and the Feminine and the Classy

1953 - Elegant
1996 - Classic 

Perfect for after wedding outfit
My Style too!
I am wishing!

I am in love with this picture.  These dresses are of course way out of my budget! But aren't they gorgeous?   I remember when  J. F. K. Jr. married  Carolyn  Bessette  she wore the simplest yet prettiest dress. Of course look who she was marrying.  She looked so beautiful. I love the picture of him kissing her hand, So sweet .They look so happy as well. Also a picture of his parents wedding day. The Kennedy's seemed to do this really well. As for me. I am a big romantic. ( big! )  I love the beautiful cream color of  a wedding dress. I am not a real fan of the bright white, But that's just me. I  also think a very simple wedding will work. I have seen so many cute weddings here in blog land. From very Simple to the very Quaint.  I believe that simple and classic is best. I will not be spending a ton of money on my wedding. I think the money should go to a great  long romantic honeymoon. Somewhere where a couple can just be alone and get lost together, My journey still continues and I hope that I will get my dream come true and I will marry the man that I was meant to love forever.