Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Ladies :)

Hi Ladies! Just want to wish you all a Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it. I am off for the weekend to enjoy with family. Have a Great weekend and Stay safe. *Hugs*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shoe diet? Whatever!

Banana Republic

Banana Republic & J. Crew

J. Crew


Miu Miu

Hello Ladies! :) Long time no talk! Well, What can I say...I have been telling everyone and their dog that I was going on a shoe diet :) But, No such thing. I have been bad!!  Look at all my puppies, Now I didn't buy them all at once I have been saving my pennies and these are the result.I got some of these on Sale.  The first pair are the Banana RepublicLumi open-toe-lace-up bootie The second pair is Loxley Buckle Peep Toes by J. Crew. The third pair are Anthropologie Miniver Lace Ups.Which I got at the last sale for $39.95. They are Canvas and I like them because they are very versatile and will probably go with a lot of my outfits. And last but not least A pair I scored on E bay a pair of Black leather Miu Miu Flats. And I Love them. I think all of the shoes serve a purpose All for different dresses and different occasions.. I wore the Miu Miu's today :) With my J. Crew Herringbone Cargo dress. I wanted something comfy to wear and this dress is really comfy and is beautiful. Not the typical Anthropologie dress. Very slim lined and just feels good on. Well, This was my ODDD. I am off to make Sloppy Joe's! Yummers :) You all have a good Evening :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peppermint Swirl Spectator Shoes!! Where have you been all my Life?!!

They haunted my dreams

Aren't they cute?

My Cute Porch :)

Well, Here they are!! I am beyond happy <3 These were the shoes that I have been whining and whining about for who knows how long. Too long I say! But Thanks to Tiffany and her help at stalking e bay and EA she found me these shoes. One night I was just sitting in bed reading my favorite blogs and heard my Iphone make that sound it makes when you receive an email. I was so enthralled in what I was reading that I just ignored it and decided to continue reading till 2:30 AM. After a while I opened the email and read... Peppermint Shoes  on E Bay" !!  I noticed the email had been sent at like 1:45 AM So, I was already in a panic thinking that they'd be gone! Tiffany was so sweet she even sent me the link. My heart was pounding !!  I couldn't get to E bay  fast enough. Luckily the seller had a BIN and I was all to happy to pay whatever it was. I sent Tiffany a Thank You email and hailed her "My little Hero"  I shared my news with another of my blogger friends and have been waiting with baited breath to spill the beans :) I cannot tell you how happy I am. These were almost impossible to find. I looked for these every night and every day on E bay on EA It was daunting. I know it's just shoes. But for us that live and breath shoes it's a big deal. I am totally a shoe hoarder!! I have to make room for shoes. Now, I don't have 20 pairs or anything like that. In fact I get rid of the ones I don't wear after a certain amount of time. But not my Anthropologie  shoes they are a piece of art.These particular shoes  are made by Poetic Licence I also  sent them a few emails whining about where I could score me some! ( I sound like a crack head ) They were always prompt and very courteous and told me to check with them every so often. So, Here they are BNWB. And I can't wait to wear them. The problem now? Is what to wear them with? Ironic right?  The colors are a gray on Blue with red laces. I did a Polyvore but with my Jeans and that's where I get stumped. I want it to be something very cute or something romantic. I have waited so long I don't want to just pull something together in a few minutes. So, maybe you all can give me some Ideas?  I also want to Thank the seller, She is a really nice lady and has an E bay store and carries some awesome rare hard to find stuff. I asked if I could plug her shop but never got a response, So to be respectful, I will just say Thank You!  And Also a big Thank You to the sweet Tiffany because it it wasn't for her diligent help I wouldn't own my dream shoes.Well ladies, Have a wonderful evening :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Red, White and Green?

My Red Caranday,Green medal Sash, And My Shoes!! Happy Fiesta! I was suppose to post my pictures last night but my plans for wearing this went out the window. Went out and didn't dress up. So, Today being a beautiful windy day I thought it would be perfect to wear my Red Caranday Dress - With my Fiesta Medals.  I was able to score me 2 and they were both good ones. But today was a really nice warm, But not hot breezy kind of  day. I really wanted to find a Fiesta event but that would be so not fun, The crowds get ridiculous. I think I will stick with just finding fun spots for now. But this is basically how our retailers adorn their shops. Very Creative & festive. I carried the theme of Fiesta with the Red color, Followed by the Green Sash full of medals and my green UO Suede pumps in Green. Like the Mexican Flag. My sash was a bit weighed down and really sagged a bit. But they are all really pretty. The Caranday dresses I own are two of my favorites and if I had to pick which color I preferred? I don't think I could. I see many ladies asking to buy these on EA. I have had to buy both of mine on E bay. But That's okay, They were new and I wish I could wear them all the time :) Anyway,
I decided to check on the Anthropologie sale and was able to buy a pair of shoes today $39.95!! I purchased the Miniver Lace - Ups  I really like the Neutral color and think I can wear these with many of my outfits. I still have the "Special" find to show off. Although I can't find what to wear with? Maybe I'll post and get some ideas from all of you creative ladies. Thank You <3 for allowing me to share this special time of year for us during  San Antonio's Fiesta week  You all have a wonderful, Relaxing evening.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Good day Sunshine :)

Decided to go to our local park and found some sweet spots to take some pretty pictures, It's pretty hot here already. I wore my Licorice Lanes Skirt. It's fiesta and wanted to wear something that had a pop of color. This is a beautiful park and definitely gets busy during this time of year, Families come here and claim their spots days sometimes a week before in advance to spend it here celebrating Easter Sunday. Most families that have been doing this for Generations believe it or not. We do not come here because we go to our beautiful Hill Country. We sometimes decide to make a day trip to Los Maples we take the scenic route down there when we get a chance and it is a beautiful place to visit. It's a great ride as well, I am so ready to start going to take pictures of our  ( Blue Bonnets ) They are all over our highways. They are a popular spot where many families go to take pictures of their children or even engagement pictures. I have my "Special" Dress to wear tomorrow with my Fiesta Medals. I am hoping to score me some more Manana. You all have a lovely & safe Week. goodnight!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paraiso Dress - Blue Suede shoes and Beginging of Fiesta Week!!

Blues and Yellows
Paraiso Dress
Blue Suede Shoes :)

Jennifer Meyer Leaf Neacklace

Hi Ladies, Hope you are all having a great weekend. This was my ODDD. The Paraiso dress. I really wanted this dress and it has been on my wish list for a long time. I really like the color Yellow. One because it's such a happy color and two because it makes me smile. I purchased the Royal Blue Urban Outfitters Suede Pumps on E Bay. I thought they were perfect for this dress! And they are. I decided to show off my Jennifer Meyer necklace. I never take it off except to clean it and back it goes! I am in love with it. We have begun our Fiesta Week And Oh My! It is fun.  I have blogged about it before.There are so many things going on that it's hard to keep track. Our River Parade -2010 Sorry no link of 2011 yet. But we have a load of festivities. San Antonio In always a party town :) We are like a Big Ole frat house...LoL.. I still have to show off all Of my Fiesta Medals. I know a couple of Cavaliers and usually score me a King Antonio Medal. Check out the link and see a history of our Texas Cavaliers and What being King Antonio represents to our Fiesta. It is truly unique. But like I said I know a few and they usually give me the medals if they don't run out :(  And or I buy some at the Fiesta Store check it out. Well, I am off to see who is on the blog tonight :) Goodnight Sweet friends. Stay Safe <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini-fashion Show - New York Exchange and New Designers

Hi Ladies, Hope you all have had a good day so far. Well, My first ever Mini-fashion show event went well. We got there just in time for the Run way show. It was a lot of fun and got to meet a few new designers that are getting ready for Fashion Week. They had Several of their designs on the run way. As well as a table full of vintage wares. Like the cutest Vintage hats. I did not really get to talk to them at length as they were busy with other people and was hard to sit there and ask the usual questions and how they got started. Some of the  designers were Petricia & Monique from Fashion Designs.  I only met Petrecia and did not get to meet Monique.Thier clothing is really edgy feminine and also had a vintage look.I did not get an up close look as the models came and went pretty quickly. One of the designers (Petricia) is in one of the bottom pictures with yours truly. I did however also have the pleasure of meeting Maria Elena Cruz who is the Editor for La Prensa Newspaper. San Antonio's oldest bilingual Newspaper. She was very nice and told me she is from New York. She of course was dressed like a true New Yorker. Trendy and very chic. I also had a chance to  meet the owner of the Boutique Amanda Alarcon. This is her 3rd year of business. I did not have time to go inside to see her inventory. But she did have some really nice designer Clothing, I was told that she plans on carrying some vintage clothing. I know some of you are really into the Vintage look. She also had 10 local artists at her show.The whole event was really  abuzz with activity, Music, Fiesta royalty and patrons abound. They also had plenty of the paparazzi there as well. Thank God I stayed out of that one :) The models they hired were beautiful, Tall and knew what they were doing. It was great! I just wish that it had not been so hectic as it would have been better to get more of their perspective ( Petrecia  and Monique) on what their designs are about and where they expect to be in the future as far as the fashion world. I for one had a great time and I hope I get to go to others here in my hometown. This was a really good learning experience but I felt I was in my element. I am really happy that I was invited. This was a real treat! New York Exchange If you live in San Antonio and want to check it out. Just click on the link. And hopefully you can find a nice vintage outfit or choose many of their designer goods. I for one had the best time! Thanks Amanda.


Design By Petricia & Monique

Designed By Petricia and Monique

Cute Dress

Another cool Outfit

She was Gorgeous
Myself and Petricia The designer

Me and Amanda the Owner Of the Boutique
My Daughter and a Fiesta Royal

Thank You Terrie- The Anthropological Shopper Versatile Award Again

For Terrie and Kristin I did take this pic :)
I woke up this morning and again got a  Another Versatile Blogger Award. This time from Terrie   I had received one from Kristin. She has been posting some great pictures. Check her out. Thank You Terrie, I know Many Bloggers have many of these but I am totally grateful that You  thought of me enough to give me one.  I will have to come by your blog and Thank You as well.And to my followers, Some of which I have gotten to know via my polyvore account. They are also some really sweet girls. And we have loads of fun posting and commenting on our outfits. As you all know tonight is my big "Event" I am really excited to have been invited and am looking forward to checking it out. I have never been. So I will be posting pictures and reporting on the Mini Fashion Show and let you guy's know what happened and what I learned from the experience. It's seems my little blog will finally be out there here in San Antonio :) I really just started this because I am very creative and my mind has to have something to do. So this was just basically started as an outlet and also a place where I'd hope to make new friends ( which I have). Really nice ones as you see. So Terrie, Thank You SO MUCH! This is really a treat for me. I am off to start doing my runs and will get back to you all either late tonight or post about this tomorrow. I have woken up to a great day already. I hope you all have a Great Day as well. <3

I Don't have that many people I know here to find 7 more :( But once I find more Bloggers I will pass it on. Promise. Let's see if I can come up with 7 more things about me? Hmm

1. I love Starbucks, Thier Caramel Machiatto drives me nuts.And I really like their Lemon Pound Cake. YUM!!!
2. I have 2 Boxers that are the sweetest clowns and always make me feel happy when I am sad or just crack me up when ever they act like silly dorks :)
3. I was a cheerleader in High School and was offered a Scholarship to Study  Spanish Poetry in Mexico but my ever Protective mother said no!
4.I love to watch TV. A whole bunch. And my Favorites are Sundance, Discovery Channel, Investigation Id. Lifetime Of course!
5. I have a ridiculous amount of shoes! I don't know why I love them so much. But I do. Every time I say "These are my last pair" I fail miserably.
6. I am in love with Michael Buble and was lucky enough to go to his concert. Diana Krall, Coldplay, Train and many more.
7. I love poetry, Music, I like to cook I am currently reading "Confessions Of a call center gal" By Lisa. It is so funny and i have been trying really hard to read it slowly. It's a Hoot. I would one day love to go to Paris and Spain. So there are a few more tidbits.

Again Thanks to Terrie and you Ladies have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad Girl Tuesday, Very picture heavy and My First Hints Blouse!

The Bad Girl!

My Two Finds!

A different Spin on the Sash :0

Aren't these the prettiest?

Nice Door Knobs
So Summer

Liked these as well

Sweet Little Bag

Want This Cutie

Love this Blouse

Dresses on Sale

Okay, I was bad. I went to Anthropologie Today. I had promised not to even go. But I did. I went last night and purchased the First Hints Blouse and I am in love and happy with my decision. I have been wanting this since it came out and well. I caved!  I wore it with the Anthropologie Bright Button Trousers. My Stewart Weitzman " Alex Wedges". Then this morning....I woke up and saw that the dress on my Wish list was on sale :)  The Paraiso Dress. I had an Idea for this one. I am pairing it with the sash from the Snowy Egret Dress. What do you think? Does it look as pretty as I think it does? I also bought the Yellow top ( Don't know the name). I wanted it to wear with the Decade by Decade Skirt. But like I said I really want The Mompos Dress. So a sacrifice has to be done :(  The rest are just really pretty things that I saw. I really like the Butterfly Skirt.I don't know the name right now either. But I saw so many dresses my eyes were hurting!  Did you all score you some new pretties?
I am busier than a one armed paper hanger right now I hope I get to sit down for a while, But I doubt it. Have a wonderful evening and let me know what you got. **Hugs**

Southern Flight Blouse

Southern Flight Blouse
Southern Flight Blouse by Le petit Draipiere featuring summer tote bags

I am in Search of these two blouses. Aren't they pretty? I am also searching for the Bow Belt. I am going to be stalking for this one like a fiend :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Help Me pick Out my Outfit, Have a Fashion Event !

Help Me pick Out my Outfit
Help Me pick Out my Outfit by Le petit Draipiere featuring high heel shoes
I was invited to a fashion event here on Wednesday. It's a mini fashion show. Fashion Group International Board Members will be there.  It's a Local Boutique and I was invited by the owner. So, I am looking to you all to help me pick out what to wear. I haven't worn 2 of these outfits yet. AT ALL. Not Once. SO! Let me know :)  I am really excited to go to this event and will take pictures and post about it. So I will read my comments and see the feedback from you guy's !

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Southern Chorus Shirtdress Part Deux

Pretty Sunny here


Well, Here I am! Finally feel better. And had to wear my pretty frog dress. I hope you all like :)  I wanted pictures where there would be something water like. This is what we scouted out. our City's River Walk This is by the Old Pearl Brewery area. Isn't it Beautiful? This is recent new extension of the River walk. At night they have these illuminated fish that are so beautiful. I will have to come back at night and take pictures. It is an amazing piece of art. There are I believe maybe 6 fish that run the length of the bridge and reflect of the water. Great stuff!  We saw it a while back while driving by and I though this was it. This was a great area to take pictures for my Southern Chorus Dress. I found a little friend. ( Not a frog, But close enough ) He was a happy duck. Had to wait for the tourist's to move along to take our pictures.
I wore my Lovely Frog Dress with a pair of Seychelles shoes. And the Seasons End Belt. I love this belt. And was lucky enough to find it on Roxy's EA Website.....I love her. I think "We" all know her :)
 Anyway, It is a really beautiful day today. We followed it by going to eat a a favorite Restaurant called Paloma Blanca The food here is amazing. We sat on the outside patio and I had the best Fish Tacos. It feels good to finally be out and about. No more headaches and sinus pain. Ugh, I hate the Spring sometimes. I hope your all doing great and have the best day! I am off to have a fun evening ** Hugs**