Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oops! I did it again.....Another bargain find

Well, I did it again! I found the deal of the century and am very proud of me. I bought THE Phillip Lin "Rosette Tank shirt dress! It is so Pretty. I bought the short sleeve version because it is much more versatile than The ones with short sleeves. you can wear black t underneath maybe even a turtle neck the possibilities are boundless.It is also a great color. Beige. So it goes with all of my Black stuff. I'm planning an outfit but I'm just really happy I could finally find one and also afford it. Which was a great sacrifice on my part. I mean having that type of money requires a squirrels prowess. But back to my dress. I will soon post the picture.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My modern nightstands

These are the nightstand/drawers. The headboard is pretty long it stretches all the way to the other side of the bed which looks just like this.The designer of this bed was really, really nice. He had this bed for sale on Ebay  and it didn't sell the first time. So, I sent him an email and asked if he'd sell it to me and he said "Yes"! So it came down from New York in a UPS truck. Came in many boxes. He made a video for me. A step by step on how to turn all of those pieces into this amazing bed. I'm very proud of this find. He sent all the hardware and labeled everything for me. It's a huge solid piece. It's a platform and it's not moving from this spot. I love my bed. Zzzzzzz.

My Bed with the lamps from "The break up"

This is my bed. I purchased this bed from Ebay. I bought it from a furniture designer. He sent it all the way from New York. It's beautiful. It has is solid long headboard almost 10 feet long. The dresser drawers are very modern. they have legs that are very unique. I am going to take pictures of all of the great things about this bed. But I purchased the lamps from Crate & Barrel. They are exactly the same lamps from the movie the break-up. Hope you like!

My favorite Dive and I mean Favorite

These are SO! good. They are Like little wonderful shells with Shredded chicken inside and a sauce that's mainly spicy and very tasty.. They are then drizzled with sour cream and then to top them off Queso Fresco! YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another corner of my room

This is a picture of a little corner in my bedroomJust thought I'd throw it in here for now. I have all kinds of cute little corners like this all over. The perfume bottle is from  the Anthropologie store in New York. Manhattan I believe.

My Balenciaga Jacket

This is The Jacket. I love it! I saw it on Jennifer Aniston's shoot and had to have it. Mine is not Black it is a pretty brown color. It is very warm and I wear it with a really long winter scarf. What can I say except that I love this piece. I am just itching to start my winter. It's going to be fun!

More of my Sass & Bide story

I had posted the Sass and Bide Harness and didn't really get into the story of my purchase. I found this cutey on Ebay. I am always looking for really edgy and different looks.. This is one of those things. I live in Texas where we have really mild winters. We are known to still be wearing shorts and flip flops in December. The other bad thing is that we also do not have the world of fashion as people do in New York, California and other major cities. So I look at the celebrity websites to see who is wearing what and where they got it. My major website is called Outfid ID. If I see Jennifer Aniston wearing a skirt I like then I troll Ebay to find it. I purchased a Balenciaga Jacket she wears on her Elle magazine spread. It's a great Jacket. I will post it in a few. It was $2000.00 but! Well worth it to me. Another piece I will NEVER sell. So if your crafty and a smart shopper you will find a great bargain. I have some awesome things to share. Thanks for stopping by.

Sass & Bide Harness and Top

New shopping website for the frugal female.

I found this website today. It's got affordable outfits and clothes for those of us who don't have thousands of dollars to spend. It's called They have clothing that is similar to Rick Owens for a fraction of the cost.  They have leather jackets and some classic looks. Check it out! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I figured that aside from my other finds I would start Blogging about and posting on here would be  the things that surround my house. This particular area is in front of my antique claw foot bath tub. I found this mantle in Austin, Texas. I bought it and did not know where to put it.  I thought of trying a shabby chic look in the bathroom. Why not? Rachel Ashwell is one of my most favorite Decorators.I have all of her books. I love her sense of clean, Fresh, Airy sense of living. She is a genius at reusing things she finds at flea markets and fixing them and then selling them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And here are my Boots

These are my Boots, I had posted they were Marc Jacobs...But they are Steve Madden. They are called  "The Roady" They are a delicious buttery soft leather. I highly recommend you invest in a pair. I scored these on Ebay. Told you I was addicted :) I really am a person that loves to find deals. I see a lot of blogs by women and they have these outrageously expensive designer clothes that I cannot afford. But I am not a quitter. I will search for a great deal and not spend all my money on one thing that is $1000.00 when I can find it on Ebay for maybe $300. Yay! Don't know if anyone will ever read this but to me it's like therapy and hopefully one day I will see if anyone is reading my blog....Goodnight

Thursday, September 2, 2010

On my way

I am just beginning this blog and I am going to be taking baby steps. Right now I am waiting on a auction to end and am anticipating a great Find. ( will tell you later) And will post a pic. I do not have a boat load of money but I consider myself a great huntress. I can spend the day looking through my favorite haunts and fetching great designer stuff. Usually I'll make a day trip to Austin where they are very metro and edgy in their clothing. Austin is a very Laid back city full of people who have wonderful taste in clothing and in food.I usually have a light lunch and start  on my journey. I find amazing designer goods and I come home loaded down with bags full of goodies.Such a Trina Turk, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang. And Many more! I am also a great fan of Ebay. I think I'm actually a bit addicted to it. But Oh! so much fun. I am very picky about the things that I look for. I am going to try to make my presentations  to you as nice as I can. Be warned I am not a professional photographer. I am just here to see if there are other women out there who appreciate a bargain.