Monday, February 28, 2011

Everything's coming up Roses! With Phillip Lim

Hi Ladies :)  This was my oodd..Phillip Lim is one of my favorite designers as is Rick Owen. Their clothing are some of the yummiest clothing on the Planet. This dress was a REAL find. I only wear this dress occasionally because I am too afraid to get it dirty and I am also afraid to leave it at the cleaners. I usually buy those "Do it yourself kits" And they work great.I am totally paranoid about getting it stained too.  I was in heaven wearing this today, It's really soft and is made of  T shirt  fabric. It is a really heavy dress. Not too, But heavy as in substantial material. It has pockets and it has a small rose bunch in the back of the bottom of the dress. Didn't want my booty to show too much...LOL. I get many compliments and have had women take pictures of the dress. It's a very pretty cream color and the roses are truly beautiful. It's super feminine. What dress do you have that you guard like it's Fort knox? This is mine.  I found this dress in New York. And the Lady that sold it had such beautiful clothing! I couldn't believe my luck. She told me she has only worn it once and didn't want it anymore. Wow! Must be nice. I think This one is a keeper!

Back of Dress

Sunday, February 27, 2011

OODD #2 Night Time Date and Cropped Patterns Dress

My Sweet Love took me out on a date tonight.  Saturday.  Of course he asks me at 3PM. Just when I am running around having fun shopping...Hello!!! He's like "Baby you want to go on a date" ?  left me with 2 hours to get all gussied up. I still had to shower, wash my hair and do my face. Don't want to get arrested for going out in public with that face. But we do this at least 2 times a month. Keeps the romance in the relationship. I have had this dress for a while but haven't worn it. Still had the tag in the back. He really liked it. Of course what's he gonna say right? I Know where he sleeps! LOL. But we went to eat and had Fried Oysters as an Appetizer, A Fresh Field Green Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing ,Grilled  Sea Bass, Wild Rice, Asparagus. Then we got Crepes for dessert. They are made with Gran Marnier...Then they light it up In a big flame! Sat there watched the traffic go by on our big highway called loop 410 goes around the whole city.This place is up 7 stories and you can see the airport and see the planes land and take off. It's really quiet every Saturday. Really nice. I was totally not expecting it. He made me Grilled catfish on Friday night. That man can cook! I'll post his famous Chicken in a bag pick OMG! You need to try that.SO GOOD! But this is what I wore.The Cropped Patterns Dress, Shoes are new from Banana Republic. They are suede and a taupe color. They are still for sale. So did you do anything with your Split Apart?  Share, Share, Share!

OODD - Saturday buying Collectible Mullinery - Cute

Just some J. Crew & Anthropologie
This was my Saturday ( Daytime ) outfit.Went shopping and found some really cute Millinery Is that what they call it? They are super old From the 40's I'm guessing. One has these really pretty flowers and a comb to keep them in your hair. The other is a Lime green bow that goes on  Pony tail. Saw some really pretty vintage hats as well. They are just little things that I collect. I have so many things that are really cute finds and I keep in a big  white Shabby Chic Old White Kitchen cabinet,In my Foyer. I have vintage Baseball gloves, Bunnies, Old. Old. Books. Tea cups that are really old and unique.I also have original Dick & jane books. One day I will post my sweet little Treasures that I love. I don't know the name of this top :( Sorry But it's an older Anthropologie top. Wearing J. Crew pants and J. Crew Flats.I really like the older pieces. I seem to gravitate to really cute and or unique pieces.But, Let me know what you have that you really treasure as far as collectibles. Or cute things that you keep by your bedside? Another OODD coming up Evening wear. Had a date with my Sweetum's. We try to go out at least every 2 weeks. And enjoy the Evening.  Have a Wonderful Monday. And a Happy Day :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

OODD, Lambs, Sheep, Snails And Geese, Oh Geez!

Good Day Ladies, How was your Friday? Hopefully a good one. This is my Outfit for today.I am posting it now because I'm outta here early today. I am a real hard core night owl. I stay up really late. But when I have to get up I get up & go! I am not a morning person AT ALL.This is not really a fashion statement. But, I really think this is a cute little top. I don't know the name. I think the lady I bought it from said something about Little Creatures. But don't know for sure. If you know please tell me so I can edit this.This is just a day of no frills just errands and loads to do. I know you never get to see my hair because I always put it up. Just wanted you to see I'm not bald or anything like that. Hehe. I am just always doing something and my hair ends up tangled on something or my puppy likes to play tug of war with it. *Chomp* goes Chloe! The top is from Anthropologie. The shoes are by pink. And the Shorts are from Banana Republic ( old ). What are you up too today? Anything fun? Have a Safe Saturday :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

OODD And some stuff to get of my chest

Hi Ladies :) Happy Friday! Well, What's left of it. I was just outside and If you were reading my blog a while back you'll remember me saying that I live by an Army base. Every night I hear "Taps" being played by a soldier and it sounds so beautiful. I cannot tell you the feeling I get when I hear it. It's quiet outside and all you hear is the wind and "Him" playing that beautiful tune. I have a dear loved one who just got back from Bagdad. He was gone for  a year. And it was really scary. But he's back and he's safe. And I for one am grateful and happy to have him back.

This was my OODD. The Breezy Polkas cardigan And The All Seasons shirt Dress. And my cute Seychelles shoes. I was reading anthrosdottir's blog blog a while back and an anonymous blogger said that some bloggers were "robots " or something to the effect that pretty much just stand there and pose.And are pretentious. Also, Someone left a really hurtful message on Tara's blog I was feeling No Love. I cannot imagine the stuff she has to read and deal with. But she took care of business. She is little but "Carries a big stick" as my mom used to say. I cannot go out sometimes and take beautiful pictures like some of the other bloggers because frankly I can't sometimes. I am certainly not a mindless, Emotionless, vain, or by any means Show off type of person. I don't think I am vain? If I was  think you'd all pass me by. But I have read that some people say horrible things. I am here to have fun and I have met some great girls. Certainly My clothing is also not spectacular. I am not going to be pitted against other bloggers. I have written to some and they to me. And they are All special one way or another.Some are moms that work, Others are single girls that enjoy having fun. NO ONE is better than another. I certainly am not. I live my life and I am a pretty happy person. I have my bad days and good days. But this BLOG is not all me. It's a really small part of who I am and what I am to people that love me. My Blog is mine. No one but I see it and not because I don't want my friends to know. I just think I have the right to have some things to myself. I know it's probably boring to look at a headless picture. My small picture is here and that's as far as I am willing to go for now. But trust me That's me. I just really needed to let you know that I am not pretentious and vain. I am just "ME" plain and simple. I wish you all a great weekend and Have a great Evening. I am going to go visit some of my favorite Friends in Blog Land.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out With The Old and In with the New

My beat up, Ducked tape old Laptop
New HP Laptop
This is my Laptop with the Duck Tape *frown*  How pathetic is that? but He has been a great laptop. I wish I could donate it to Goodwill but I'm afraid that's not even possible. They'd laugh at me! So I am just going to take it and maybe donate what's left of it to those computer Recycle places. Of course I'll remove my Hard drive first. They may be able to either fix this or use parts that are still good. Now I am pretty broke, I'll have to sacrifice some Anthropologie Loved pieces but This was a MUST. Do you feel my pain ladies? Boo Hoo But I bought This new HP!

I have a really exciting Find to share with you but I have to wait because I just acquired it today and won't be here for a while. NO, It's not the Peppermint Swirl Shoes that you've already heard me whine about. But I think it's one of those awesome finds that we only score every once in a while. I'll give you a small hint. It's an older Anthropologie  piece. Anyway, My OOTD is this outfit. J. Crew Jaipur Blouse and the Anthropologie Bright Button Trousers. I am wearing my Alex Wedges. And I am a big time lover of Sashes...Love, Love them. They make me feel really feminine sometimes. I think belts sometimes make even jeans look too stuffy. A sash brings in a bit of feminine flare. So know that you will probably see me wearing them a lot. So that's it for today. I am going to start visiting My favorite blogs. And leaving my small comment. have a Great Friday and Smile :)
Turned out to be a nice day

Peppermint Swirl Shoes Oh how I wish I owned you

Peppermint Swirl Shoes Oh hhow I wish I owned you
Peppermint Swirl Shoes Oh hhow I wish I owned you by Le petit Draipiere featuring two tone shoes
These shoes are the ones that got away :) I hope I can find them. But till then. I can Dream *Sigh*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the wise old Owl said.......Hoo- Hoo

Pretending to be cool :)
Cute Mr. Owl
Hello Me Ladies :) Happy Wednesday! Was a really nice day today. And have been just working and doing my usual. How are you doing? I have been really excited because I have been meeting many different people on here and everybody is so sweet. Reading blogs is so educating and also inspiring. I just started mine not too long ago and felt like a real dummy for just posting stuff and never getting any feedback! But I also read that it takes a very long time to get people to get interested if ever in your blog. I am here to have fun and that's pretty much it. I can't say that I will ever have thousands of followers but I am grateful for the ones that I do have. Kristen from is one of them. She is so sweet and always manages to stop by and say Hi to little ole me. So check her out. She is Smart, Witty, loves Dogs like I do. And she is truly The cutest. I love her stories about her BF Ben being a sweetie and cooking her breakfast and them cooking these great meals. I have other favorites like She always manages to make me laugh out loud every night! Check her out. She is also a really artistic and very creative. Love her humor and her clothing is So pretty. Anyway, Totally got side tracked. But this is what I wore today. The Corey Lynn Owl Skirt. Made the find and scored it. I am in love with Owls, They seem so wise and are always just sitting there being so regal.  I am wearing a White House Black market Cardigan. Wearing the J, Crew Grand Rufflled Tee. And as always as many times as I can get away with it without getting boring are my Urban Outfitter Suede Pumps. And of course last but not least Snakebite belt. So that's it. Just this for today. And wanted to tell you all that read my blog Thank You. It's not the best, or biggest, But It's here to meet great ladies and talk about our love for Clothing. And hopefully to also inspire with my own sense of Style. Have a happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OODD - Stratified Dress and Sleepless In Seattle

Didn't like the tights
Isn't the bow cute?
Good Tuesday Ladies! How are you doing today? This is what I decided to wear. An Oldie from Anthropologie. I Love the bow. Feels like something from the Victorian days when they wore those bustle dresses. Of course not quite as beautiful. The problem is that I didn't want to drown out the dress by wearing Gray tights that I wore these and now they seem ugly. I feel Dorky.
I think I should have put more thought into this one :( But we were in a rush and this was the result. It was a bit colder today. We have a saying here in Texas " Wait 5 minutes the weather will change " That is so true and frustrating at the same time. One day it's flip flops or cute shoes. then the next it's whip out the boots and coats. Very inconsistent.
We went to eat at a restaurant called the Alamo cafe. It's pretty good. This is the Place.  We Had fajitas....Man It sounds like that's all I eat is Mexican food.For some reason I've been craving it.  They are famous for them and their Great Tortillas. Oh, And they have the best Margaritas in town too. Don't drink very much personally but I've had some here and there. They also have great Flan if you know what that is :) 

Now I'm home and just finished watching Sleepless in Seattle. Hope you all had a great day and a have a great evening. And as usual Thanks for stopping by :)

Springing Season and some Awesome food

Hello Ladies, Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was uneventful but fun :) We went out and had lunch at a really great Mexican restaurant they just opened here in S. A. a while back. It is always packed. They sell what they Call "Mexico's Street foods" It is called La Gloria. It has got some really different food than we here in Texas are used to. It's not your Traditional Tex Mex food. It's very Authentic Mexican food. More like what they serve in Mexico.

It was a hot day today. I have not been able to wear my Springing Season Blouse because it's been cold and this blouse seems very Spring like.  It's been hitting the 70's which is great! So I wore this today. With a Black Sash. Instead of a belt. And My Stuart Weitzman " Alex Wedge" Sandals that I love so much.

I decided to throw on My Banana Republic Blazer which has a Satin Ribbon tie up front ( really old ) figured it would give it a more dressy look and still be able to appreciate the colors from the top. I happen to love Green and Yellow. Those two colors are like honey to a bee! I am totally attracted to them. I decided to wear my Antik Jeans. They fit me really well and don't feel like they sag. My other favorites are Joe's Jeans and Current Elliot Boyfriend destroyed jeans.

These are the Yummies I had today. They are Called Potosinos. I am assuming the are prepared as they would be in San Luis Potosi, Mexico Style. I know they look like Enchiladas? But they taste nothing like them. They have white cheese, Onions, Carrots, Green beans, Potatoes. Very busy dish but OH! so good. Feel free to let me know what your favorite food is and where you find it. I know many of us don't live in the same cities but it's nice to hear where other women like to eat at.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Sunday Peek at my shoes and other faves!

Ladies, I didn't go anywhere and am just sitting here pondering on what to post besides my OODD. These are just some more of my favorite things. These are some of my shoes. This is a Rack that I hang in back of the closet door but brought it out to show off some of my cuties. And some of the ones I wear the most. I am totally not going anywhere today. I am pooped and just watching the Telee. Watching Investigation ID channel. Love it :) What are you up too? Anything special?

 This is a shadow box I found at a Consignment store. Fell in love with the flowers and the soft blue color. The flowers and Stem and leaves are made of paper and are in a box that is more like a picture frame. Meant to sit on a desk. I have it on my shelves. Next to my decor books which you will see next.I collect all of the Rachell Ashwell books as well. I also own loads of cook books but they are in the kitchen. Does that make me a Book Hoarder? I know some of you love books. so tell me what your favorites are and which ones you collect. I have many kinds. My most favorite one is by a writer here in San Antonio. Her name is Sandra Cisneros.

These are really Relaxing books to read. Love decorating my home

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cat ( Mint ) Woman

Catmint Dress
Box Step Seychelles
Hi Ladies,
 Hope all of you had a nice relaxing Saturday. I went to Anthropologie and Purchased 2 items that  were on sale. One was totally something I had on my wishlist. The other was an impulse buy but I think it is the perfect summer dress.It's not one of the more popular ones but I think I can do loads of stuff with it.  I am going to hold of on letting you know what they are :) Hehe..
They have the nicest SA's At Anthropologie they are always really sweet. I met Ruthie today. She was really helpful and went out of her way to engage in conversation and actually answered all of my questions. That is really nice. SO! This is what I wore today. It was pretty warn outside almost summer like. I wanted to wear this dress with Yellow. I adore Yellow. It's such a happy color and always stands out no matter what. I paired the dress with the J. Crew Maya Cardigan & the Seychelles Box Step Pumps. I purchased these online from a shop called Lola's. They were pretty pricey but worth every penny. They are TTS. They add so much to any outfit. I had been trolling the inter-webs for these puppies like a fiend! Seychelles has the best shoes.Not to change the subject. But I am. I have an  obsession right now and I have to admit I am a little ashamed to tell you what it is but here goes.I am Dying! to own a pair of shoes by Valentino. Don't know the name but see them on Chloe from  The Chloe Conspiracy all the time. Grrrr!!!!!! I am so Jealous. The $800.00 and change price tag is what is keeping me away. I am going to wait and see if I can find a pair of Knockoff's although I have to say. I am not the Knockoff type. The are selling out like Pancakes *Sigh* A girl can dream can't she?? I had to buy a new laptop today. Mine is literally being held together with duck tape! I am serious. The Boxer puppies I own hit the screen and dropped the screen all the way down backwards landing on my bed. So there goes Mr. Valentino's  money. :(  I will take pics so you can see the Old & the New  computers, I bet your going to laugh at me.  I have been squirreling my money like nobody's business to get this new Laptop. I purchased anHP. It is SAWEET!! Have a wonderful Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Budding T Straps, Warm pretty day!

My Simple outfit for Friday
Dope! My camera did this too fast!

My Cuties
Hey Guys! :) Today was better. Woke up and we had another warm day. Warm enough that I whipped out my budding T Straps. I haven't been able to wear them. And they are too cute not to wear, But the wet and cold are a bit harsh for these shoes. I am really glad we are warming up here. I am so tired of wearing boots and Uggs. Not that I don't like wearing boots. I am just totally ready to start wearing the cute dresses, skirts and shoes. I decided to dress pretty casual.Almost a bit too. Not exactly blog worthy I think. But It's not always about just the most glamorous, Pretty stuff. I sometimes just wear stuff like this. I am wearing a J. Crew Piped and Twisted Pocket Cardigan, J. Crew Drawstring soft Jeans From 2010. And my J. Crew jeweled sash belt. And my Budding T  Straps. These shoes are so adorable. I don't think I have another pair that are this cute.Although I am pining, pining away for the Peppermint Swirl Spectator shoes. Been looking for these forever. I post it on EA. Almost every week.Hopefully I will  find them one day. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

OODD J. Crew and too much to do!

Hi Ladies, Sorry for the lame post. Had a horribly long day :/ been rushing ALL day! Pretty much came home hurried dinner, Did laundry, Did Laundry...You get it. And this was all I could do. Take pics with my phone. Ever had one of those days? I am sorry the shoe picture is blurry. Like I said too much to do and pooped out. Hope you all had a great day.
This is The J. Crew Grand Ruffle Shell
Urban Outfitters Suede Pumps
J. Crew Cardigan ( Don't know the name) 

OODD J. Crew

OODD J. Crew
OODD J. Crew by Le petit Draipiere featuring boyfriend fit jeans

I love J. Crew as well as Anthropologie. These are a mainstay of mu wardrobe. They really work well together.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentines/ Birthday Celebration - At the Tower Of the America's

How my Morning Started

Roses & Casablancas
Our Usual Dessert - Lava Cake

A Beautiful Ice Sculpture

The View from our Table

Well Ladies, This was my  Valentines / Birthday Dinner. It Started with that big bunch of Flowers :) And a romantic card. We Went out to the tower and had a great dinner. The view was this beautiful. It wasn't cold outside so we walked up to the Tower nice and slow as opposed to always running because it's super cold and freezing. It was the usual  4 course Valentines Day Dinner, We had stuffed mushrooms, Then We chose the Lobster Bisque, Followed by Steak And Mashed Potatoes. Then Coffee and our Tradition "Lava Cake" which consists of a super warm Fudge cake with a scoop of Ice Cream..Yum! We stayed around a little longer enjoying the sights. every once in a while the Helicopters that carry people by were seen doing their Night tours for Valentines day lovers.

We Headed home and watched TV and had another round of laughter and fun and called it a day. My sweet one is Truly Unique. He is really special to me. I can't say enough about him.  Had a great day and I wore my Spinning lace dress and changed it up a bit. Wore it with a  Tan colored Sash with Suede Pumps From Banana Republic that matched the sash. Just thought I'd Dress it up different. So that's it. Wonderful, Romantic Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just a Peek Into my day and some of my treasures

 These was my outfit for Sunday, Nothing great just Jeans this sweater which I don't know the name of. It's a cutie! this really cute Scarf and my J. Crew Jack Purcell Tennis shoes, My Current Elliot Jeans, A ribbon Sash as a Belt. Pretty basic Sunday stuff.

 This is My Favorite Piece of Jewelry EVER! It's designed By Jennifer Meyer.( Married to Tobey Maguire ). The necklace came out in the Movie "The Break Up" With my favorite actress Jennifer Aniston. I know a lot of people don't like her. But to me she is Classy, Beautiful and is a very giving celebrity.And she would be someone I would love to meet. Her and Michael Buble!! OMG! I saw him in concert when he came to S.A. sat really close. He's Gorgeous. I didn't get lucky enough to see Coldplay another fave. But anyway, this necklace never leaves my side  <3
 This is the bottom to the Scarf. It is really delicate and airy soft. Isn't it cute?
And Lastly, This is a bookcase that was made out of an Old Mantle. The lady that sold it to me decorated it with paper as you can see. It's full of all things special to me. Perfumes, Old wedding cake toppers which I collect. A bunny that's asleep in a leaf, A Vincent Van Gogh Stamp keeper,An special apple I recieved as a gift. A glass square with flowers inside that say's " To have faith is to have wings"  The big bunny in the back is a Reproduction of a design Made for the Prince and Princess of Wales For the Birth of William. It said "Prince William is Sleeping" Designed and Painted by Diane Voyentzie. And last but not least. The Bracelet that Anthropologie sent to some customers. It's really Pretty. So hope you enjoyed a piece of the things that are special to me. Let me know what you Treasure.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fulmar Part Deux and The Wizard of Oz

Well, I went over to a friend's house for some Girls night watching a movie. And I really didn't want to change my outfit.. I just wanted a warmer Cardigan as I was wearing my Jean Jacket and it was a bit colder, So,I decided to pair it with a J. Crew Cardigan. It has a whole lot of ruffles up front and the color is a soft cream color like the birds on the Fulmar skirt. Just a different look. We had fun catching up and then watched The Wizard of Oz. Talk about a chic flick.... "There's No Place like Home" Aw....I love the Scarecrow!

Pastels and Fulmar

Well, Here is my Fulmar Sweater Skrit. Finally got to wear it today. The weather is cool but not super cold. About 65 Degrees. I am wearing it with my Tri Belt from J. Crew with my Brown Suede shoes from UO. I really like thier shoes there. I purchased them In  a really pretty Green, Brown and their famous Red / Orange. I like the Gray ones too. The J. Crew top is just like the one is Polyvored but in the pastel pink. Polyvore doesn't always have the Stuff that I need and own on there. But this is it. I went shopping  at Anthropologie but didn't see anything I really liked. Waiting for certain things to go on sale. I really want 2 things that's it. I saw some more things that are coming up in the spring and have to say WOW!!! Get ready with the wallets. But for now it's a waiting game. My Birthday is Monday! The day for love <3 Hope you all have a great day planned with your sweeties, It's kind of a hassle. It's my Birthday but it's usually Valentines Day so a lot of the time it's super crowded when going to my Birthday dinner.My sweet one always takes me to what we have here as "The Tower of the Americas" Which is a restaurant that you dine at it's exactly 700 feet up in the air. Like the space Needle only bigger also has a bar, And also an observation deck.  The restaurant  rotates while you are having your dinner. It takes a whole hour to rotate all the way around. We usually have Steak and Lobster and what they call Lava Cake at the end with Coffee. Yum! It's amazing. We have had many adventures through out the years going up there. Really funny stories, But I'll follow it up on Monday. Don't want to jinx it. Goodnight and have a great weekend !

OODD Going to Anthro

OODD Going to Anthro
OODD Going to Anthro by Le petit Draipiere featuring brown belts

This is my outfit for Saturday, The J. Crew top I'm wearing is the same but a baby pink. Couldn't find a Polyvore of it :(

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Day with Elodie Lilly

Hi Guys! :) Well, I had a totally different outfit planned out. The Leggings were no where  to be found and it was a tad too cold for my Elliot destroyed Boyfriend Jeans. So there went that idea. So, I decided on this outfit. I had the worse case of the static cling though. I did the Bounce sheet deal and I have to say, When I left the house it was working. But as soon as I got back See for yourself.  It's annoying with the tights.  This is what I  am wearing my Pretty Elodie Cardigan with my Tria Sweater Skirt and the Anthropologie Soft Bow Belt. a Tank I purchased at Anthropologie by Michael Stars.And the tights are from Target. Have been wanting to wear these together for a long time. I even Have a polyvore of the outfit but haven't been able to get it done till today. I paired the outfit with the shoes that best matched the sweater and to me it was the Renessaer Shoes. They are pretty close to the color of the sweater...Not exactly but close. Love this combo. Might work another outfit with this skirt before the Spring comes along and can no longer pull of the sweater skirt. Have a Happy Friday Ladies :)

OODD Depending on Weather

OODD Depending on Weather
OODD Depending on Weather by Le petit Draipiere featuring ribbon tops

This is what I have Planned, Depending on the weather

Monday, February 7, 2011

OODD. Olive You too Much

Hi...Finally had a sunshiny day. And this is my outfit, The Neo- Refinement Sweater paired with The J. Crew Safari Jacket. The weather has been pretty Cold as far as Texas goes. I've said it before we are wimps! But today was a nice day. I wore this  outfit with my leopard flats from target. And thought Leopard? Well, Safari! and here it is.The safari jacket is so soft and beyond silky. From J. Crew. I love it! And as to my flats, Target has been really putting out some really nice shoes check them out they have some great looks for spring and summer. I have a few that I think I may get and that's a big Maybe :(  Ugh! There are so many things on my Anthropologie wish list though. I feel torn. What to get? The spring will be here soon so no more sweaters for me. I want summery stuff now. But for today this is it not the best but I like it. Easy to wear and pretty to look at.I think.  Oh! I also finally got my Double Serge Pencil Skirt in the Bronze Orce. Still waiting on the Gray one. All for my Spring wardrobe.Thank God for today hope we have another sunny day tomorrow.