Monday, January 31, 2011

My Reed Shirt Dress and Ready for Monday !

This is One of my Favorite dresses. I love how comfy it is and you don't have to worry about anything with this dress. It looks really pretty with just a simple Belt and cute flats. I don't really think I need super fancy shoes with this one. The weather is relatively warm and not soupy or wet. So this is finally out for today, I'm sure the weather will turn soon. I for one an really excited about Spring.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

OODD And a Boba Fett

This was my outfit today. Pretty Basic. Nice day too! I got to wear my Stuart Weitzman ( Alex Wedge) Sandals. Made famous by Jennifer Aniston. I love them. I wore the Chantilly Begonia Poncho With my Antik Jeans and a white Gap tee. Nothing Fancy just had a great  day. Went to the Cheese Cake Factory and had a slice of Cheesecake. Lemon- Rasberry. Yum! Then went to pet store. Get my little girl Boxer some vitamins. She is a 6 month old. I'll post her on here one of these day's. She is too cute.


The Boba Fett in the background made the cut because right now this is the only room in the house that's safe. We have kitties. And didn't want them to Scratch this. I purchased this as a gift. And don't want him destroyed. He's going in the game room. MEN! He'll be gone soon. I hope.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Horizon stripe pencil skirt ....Wowzy!

Guess what I just ordered? Thanks to J. Crew Aficionada! She has a great Promo Code which I was so grateful to get. I am So excited to have scored Free Shipping! Yay! I already have plans for this one. Isn't it gorgeous. I, like many. Love J.Crew. And have many of their Tees, Shoes, Jewelry. But they had been lacking of sorts lately. But I am really in love with all of their Pencil Skirts Lately. And with spring time coming WOW! I am R-E-A-D-Y. Aren't you?

Twinkle Twinkle With Vincent

Twinkle Twinkle With Vincent
Twinkle Twinkle With Vincent by Le petit Draipiere featuring black pump shoes

You know when someone asks if there was anyone you'd like to meet who would you pick. I'd Pick Vincent Van Gogh. I love his paintings. If Only

Friday, January 28, 2011

respect the shoes: A Belated One (and Giveaway)

respect the shoes: A Belated One (and Giveaway)

My Car

My Car
My Car by Le petit Draipiere featuring gold pendants

This is my Weekend Buddy..

OODD --Trying to copy the look , Minus the Cute guy

Cute Outfit
I have been trying to find the exact shoes for a while to no avail. But I think My shoes worked well enough. They are by Pink. Cutest shoes, They are a very pretty Pumpkin-Orange color with ribbon and Buttons. I really love this picture. Reminds me of college days and I like the preppy look. I believe this is a J. Crew Picture and I really like this particular look for me. Although I am not a tall girl sad to say. But that doesn't mean I can't try.
 I tried to make it interesting with a pink belt since I couldn't find the pink shoes. or the exact sweater.  I am looking. I get pretty ODD about stuff like this sometimes. I really like wearing this particular blue jean skirt because it's so versatile. Can pretty much do whatever with jean skirts. Pair them with Flats, Boots, Leather Flip Flops from J. Crew which are my favorite in the summer, Which by the way today was like. Pretty warm so I decided what better way to dress than this :) I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. But till then I think we still have a while to dress in our tights, boots and layers!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Found my way to Oxford...Well, Kind of

I am wearing my cute Cartography Cardigan. And I finally got to wear my Ribbon Tied Oxfords. today. In fact got a Ton of compliments from The SA at Anthropologie .She was totally shocked to see it was a dress. She thought it was a skirt that they are currently selling..So I told her no... it's a dress. She loved it. She herself was dressed. really cute,She was wearing an Orange Cotton strappy dress with a cute flowery cardigan. I really like looking at what they wear but don't stare and have them think I'm being nosy. So! She then proceeded to take me to the back and show me  the Corduroy Skirts.  They have them  in Yellow and a Navy Blue. Pretty!! $118.00. She told me she had the Yellow skirt. And, that she really liked it. She was really sweet her name was Mary. Really bubbly, And super Helpful. Although a pretty as those skirts were. I purchased two Items on my wish list. Had to get  them before they went on sale though :( only because Our Anthro is far from my home and every time I try to hit the sales everything is gone. Both online and at my store. So sometimes I don't have a choice. Like today...slim pickings. Stuff I has seen already last time I was there. So I bought The Neo Refinement  Pullover and the Springing Season Blouse. I saw it on Roxy and well, You know how it goes.Her reviews are always how I decide how it's going to fit. She wears a 6 like I do. So If she say's to size up it's usually true. But I'm happy about it. No regrets. I did however find out that one of the things that I have on my wish list will never go on sale. and that is The Soft Soaring Sweater. Bummer! I am in love with that one. I am going to have to really keep myself from buying it. But I really think I am going to go back on my word. Also, The Jeweler's Choice Cardigan was beautiful. But I am on the fence big time on this one. On one hand I love it. On the other hand The maintenance has me worried. I wouldn't dare take it to the cleaners. So What to do? I am really pondering this one. My Birthday is coming up and I want  The Paraiso Dress.  But we will see. I had promised 2 things a month. Of course, This is January. February is my Birth month so technically I get 2 this next month right??

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Four If By Sea and Italy

This is what I decided to wear Inspired by Anjali at Goldenmeans I decided to join the crowd. Although my crowd is pretty small. I hadn't worn this skirt thinking maybe it looked to summerish? But I thought it looked really good on her so why not. I couldn't figure whether to wear my Gray suede shoes or my black ones, I picked the gray because the black seemed to strong against the gray stripes. But In the picture the shoe seem to light. Oh well, live and learn I guess. I have to say I truly love this skirt. I don't think I will ever get rid of it. EVER! It's so feminine and so pretty. I hope you all like it. I am wearing A J. Crew Tee underneath. It looks really nice with the stripes because it's got the same colors. I am still trying to get the hang of the tripod. I am not as brave as some of you all that actually go out and take pictures. I'm pretty self conscience. Goodnight ladies
The whole Enchilada!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OODD Not quite like the model, But that's okay

This is what I wore today, Except for the Romantic pose and the pants. The models always look so beautiful. Don't think anyone can ever look that good.So I try to at least look my best, Except I'm wearing jeans. I don't really wear very many pants.  We did have a really beautiful day today. Yay! I really love warm weather. I don't know if you can see it. I always incorporate it into some of my Polyvores. I'm wearing my most treasured pieces of Jewelry ( besides my engagement ring ) And it happens to be my Jennifer Meyer Leaf necklace. I adore it. I really never take it of unless necessary. Which is usually to clean it and then goes back on.

I had some much needed groceries to get today as the supplies were running low. Took my car to the car wash HE looked nasty. So now I can be seen in a nice clean car. So!  Not to change the subject but what cuties do you have around that make you smile? This is one of my faves.Love the top and the way they paired it with this particular belt. A great marriage I think. I plan on  wearing this belt a whole lot this coming spring / summer with all of my shirt dresses. I just scored me some new to me finds. I am really into the collection of vintage Anthropologie. Also, I got my Birthday card in the mail today. It say's. What's in the stars for you Aquarius? The cutest blue cloth envelope covered with a splash of stars and a Star button to close it. Awesome!! What will I get with it? Don't know yet, There are so many pieces that I want. But this time I think I will be getting me some tops. 2 in particular that I am already stalking. Told the better half to get his wallet ready :) It's funny but he loves my finds and actually cheers me on to win them at times. He's sweet. Anyway ladies, Hope you all had a lovely day.....I know I did.

Tell Me he isn't cute?

This is my baby! Isn't he the cutest? Look at those big brown eyes! Not really much to say,He is my sweet one. I love him so much! So, It was typical Monday. Did the usual and then some more of the usual. It felt like a Sunday to me for some reason. I have been really Lazy, I had the cutest outfit on yesterday but was to lazy to even take the pic! I was wearing My Bright Yellow Odille blouse with my Target Skinny Jeans and My Steve Madden Boots.With my Alice in Autumn coat. We had at a great restaurant and then came home. But again....Just too lazy. Oh Well, I always Quote The Great Scarlet O'Hara....."I'll Worry about it tomorrow"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

De Chelley's Kind of day

Turtles new friend got him today too! $29.95
New Shoes :)
De Chelley Day !
Hi My Few Ladies, Went to my local outside mall.  Called La Cantera.It's beautiful...But was a bit chilly out tonight. Went to the Anthropologie store to see if I could score me the De Chelley dress because they sold out online. Well, They had plenty.I found the dress in my size and I found a companion for my turtle belt. He looks like a Bulldog? He's adorable.$29.95. I paid $58.00 for Turtle. I wasn't looking to buy him. But he literally fell on the floor when I went to look at the skirts. Weird right? I guess he liked me.The sales girl asked if there were more. And I told her "No that was it" she was pretty bummed.She said she's wished she had known he was back there and would have purchased him for herself. But I am happy that I bought him. He's a buddy now for my turtle. Then! I purchased the Wingspan shoes in the blue. I am still waiting for my Oxfords to arrive. Let me know what you scored this week. I have a small wish list and am trying to be super ubber patient not wanting everything I see. I am going to post all of my faves. But for today I think I did pretty Good.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Scarf tied Oxfords

Scarf tied Oxfords
Scarf tied Oxfords by Le petit Draipiere featuring pink lace tops

Just another outfit that I have planned out. Scored me the Scarf tied oxfords and plan to wear them with this outfit. seems like a nice one to me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OODD Orange you glad :)

Not a really Good Pic
I Love these little shoes
This is my outfit today, Lately I've felt like a huge Troll! I feel fat, Don't know why? I'm wearing my size 4. So maybe it's just me.  It is really cold today for our standards. But i decided that I was going to wear one of my cute outfits out today.I love this skirt, It's very versatile can pretty much be worn with any color. Green, Red, Gold, Orange. My shoes are from a purchase I made on E bay. but they match really well with my cardigan. Don't know the brand or anything other than they are made in Italy. may very well have been brought from up there and if they were then I am the lucky one. They seem to be very different. I haven't purchased anything this week. I have been trying really hard to stick to my rule of buying only what I know I'm really wanting. I have gotten to where I want everything I see. Bad...Bad! So, I have decided to slow things down and give the ole wallet a break. I do have some things that I have to have though. But limiting to maybe 2 this time and I am going to try really hard to find the "Sales"  want to have money during the summer to see what Anthropologie has in store :)

  • My clothing
    • Italian shoes - unknown
    • J. Crew antler top
    • Anthropologie Cardigan
    • Twilit Skirt

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OODD And some little friends

This is my OOTD. This is an Odille top. I fell in love with it. Not wearing anything that great. Just my skinny pants from J. Crew and My Steve Madden boots. Today was actually nice and we had some sunshine. Is it me or do we always look a bit chunky in pictures? I always feel like I look huge!  I'm average Size 6 Maybe it's just me. 
This is the beautiful color and detail of the front.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 is better than 1

2 is better than 1
2 is better than 1 by Le petit Draipiere featuring vintage tops

I love these dresses! I think they are especially nice to wear during the Christmas holidays. I found two of the many cardigans that go with these two beauties. Pretty right?

Oh, So Blue :)

Oh, So Blue :)
Oh, So Blue :) by Le petit Draipiere featuring a stacked heel pump

I really love this dress Looks so pretty & fresh. Agree? Can't wait for the spring!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sailing Away

sailing Away
sailing Away by Le petit Draipiere featuring anthropologie cardigans
Perfect combo with the cardigans. I wish I had a red top. Only have a couple of pieces in red.Going to work on more red in my wardrobe.

Wet, rain and cold Again!!

When is winter leaving? I hate it! I see all other bloogers with their cute outfits and some even have sunshine. Our weather has been really cloudy and soupy lately :(  I hate that. I can't wear anything. Because it's wet I can't wear nice shoes. I can't wear a dress. So I've been stuck in Jeans and my Uggs lately. So in my boredom I've been reading other people's blogs which are awesome. And here I am with no picture and hating the Winter. I am so excited to see the sun it's not even funny. I don't know how people up north do it. I guess I am just spoiled with Texas weather. Hmph!

Friday, January 14, 2011

OODD weather permitting

OODD weather permitting
OODD weather permitting by Le petit Draipiere featuring beaded t shirts
This is one of my favorite outfits. It's taken a while to collect,But I love it :) Fell in love with Shoes when I saw them on Jennifer Aniston. Then I saw her photo shoot on Elle and fell in love with The Balenciaga Jacket. Mine is more of a brown/gray. And my 2 Chloe handbags. Chloe has some awesome leather goods. Love These clothes :)

OOTD Mix Of stuff

OOTD Mix Of stuff
OOTD Mix Of stuff by Le petit Draipiere featuring two tone jewelry

This is what I wore today, It's wet and rainy.
By Gabby

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As luck would have it

Hi :)
I have been really busy and haven't posted anything due to our weather being kinda nasty and cold.I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood to change clothes or even go out. Just walked around in my jeans and Uggs today.Have I said that I hate the cold? With a passion? And as I have mentioned we don't really get this cold in San Antonio today in the upper 20's. We are kind of babies when it comes to really cold & wet.. Anyway!! I had missed out on this belt a long time ago. I wanted it for Christmas but had other priorities and so I decided not to get it for me. After Christmas I was disappointed to see that they had sold out! I even went on E bay! LoL.. like they'd have it. I'm sure whomever was lucky enough to get this wasn't going to sell theirs! So It came up on my wish list and this time I got one. No questions asked. I just bought it. I don't know how it looks like in RL. But I'm happily waiting. I didn't want to get excited because I had ordered a dress and they cancelled my order :( So, With the belt I kept my hopes up but wasn't celebrating till today. I got an email that they has already shipped my order....I am also waiting on the " Spinning Lace dress" I bought it from The Anthropologie store in New Orleans. They had the last one. Valentines day....Here I come!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Taps, Reveille, And my House

No Pictures to post :( Just another Saturday at home. Taking care of my puppies. Cleaning my house and catching up with my friends. Changed into my lazy day clothes. Hence no great pic.Went to my local Starbucks and got me a peppermint Chocolate with whip cream.Today we finally got some much needed rain, I live on a very busy street, So when it rains and the traffic comes by you can hear the cars tires sloshing in the rain water. very soothing sounds to me. The traffic starts slowing down about midnight. With the occasional speeder roaring down the street.We have several  trains that comes by every night at the same time and we can hear them from a distance. I love the sound of trains.I also live close to an Army base and I get to hear them play taps every night at 10:30 and again at 11:00.I get woken up  every once in a while by the Cannon at 5:30 AM. Followed by Reveille. Never a dull moment. Right now my chimes are singing their happy melody they reside underneath my bedroom where my back porch is. All in all it's been a really nice day. Goodnight :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

One of my many wants comes true again Circa 2007

Kitttatinny Sweater Skirt 2007
I found this one today As a "buy it Now" I was almost like a John Wayne with that  gun trigger. Couldn't hit it fast enough. I found the catalog 2007. It retailed for $148.00. I love the gray and the giant yarn flowers with beautiful detail. The model is wearing it with black leggings and a red Cowl neck Tee. I'm not much into cowl necks so I will go the route of something more my taste.Like maybe a  Red Molded and Melded Tee if I can find one or run over to Anthropologie or J.Crew and check out what they have. But this is a keeper! *smile*

On It's way to me, I can't wait

Super Find
This is what I found today...Seems like a favorite amongst blog ladies and rightfully so. It can go with anything. I am already getting excited about trying to pair this up with great pair of skinny jeans and my Anticipation heels or maybe a skirt. I definitely scored this one today. Waited 6 days for it. And well worth it. It looks great. Send me ideas if you read this. I am so happy! Love the rich colors and patterns. Nice catch! I found some more goodies and I will be posting them soon. Just last and I'm tired. Goodnight :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crocheted Cloud Dress And a Birthday! With the one I love

Date night and a special day
I had been planning on wearing my crocheted cloud dress, Just didn't know when or where. I had an idea but the idea just went out the window due to the time I had to get it done. My loved one had a Birthday and I just got dressed and headed outI have to say he helped pick out the shoes and the sweater.I decided to wear my Jeffrey Campbell shoes that have the prettiest ankle straps and have a great heel not too high or too low. paired it with  my Elodie Lily Cardigan. No necklace because I thought the sweater and dress spoke volumes on their own.The shade of my shoes was really close to the color of the sweater. So I chose them to wear with it.The only thing about this dress is you have to be really careful with the lace. Especially when you have a girl puppy that loves to jump you every time you walk in the room :) We ate 7 stories up and saw the airplanes taking off and landing. Great evening and had a wonderful night. Happy Birthday Sweet Love <3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Separate Space Skirt (second time around)

SO! I decided to give this skirt a Second chance, I  purchased this skirt a while back but decided to return it. I had buyers remorse about  spending $98 for a skirt. So today I decided to go check out the sale. I was really surprised though by the fact that they had moved all of the sale items up to the front of the store instead of the usual nook in back. I kind of like the nook myself. But it is such a small space that it's a bit hard to get around. Makes it hard for us ladies trying to get to our "Wants" elbowing or stepping all over each other. But today everything was out in the open making it even harder to walk away from some awesome deals. My eyes were all over the place. But I must admit that like many, My wallet needs a break and so I chose to make this my only piece.Plus got it at less than what I originally paid. I am in love with the color, Texture and just the all around look of this one. I was concerned with the length though, I am only 5"2 and thought I'd look even shorter. But thinking of wearing it with some nice pumps and see what happens. I think the color lends itself to so many possibilities. Red is my first instinct. So I wont be wearing it for a while until I find the perfect Red shoes & red top.So that said.....I went next door to Forever 21 and bought me some cute necklaces. I was looking for the Camera piece but no luck. All of these pieces for less than $20!!not bad right?
Decided to give this another chance
Bought some candy

Finally Caught my BIG fish :) in the sea

I am totally happy today! I finally got my dream skirt. After months and months of looking, asking, whining everyone's ear off. I landed my Four if by sea skirt. Megan!! I found it!! I couldn't and still can't believe it now. I won't disclose where I found it yet for fear of Jinxing it. But all I can say is that as soon as I get it I'm wearing. I do have to Thank Megan who has been so sweet as to always shoot me emails and asks if I have found my items. She is really sweet. We met via EA. And Thanks to the Awesome Roxy for starting her amazing EA for all us ladies Yay! <3

Monday, January 3, 2011

Love my Skirt! Hellebore Sweater skirt

My Hellebore Sweater skirt. I didn't really know what to pair it with so I kind of went with what I have in my closet. My J. Crew top, J. Crew Chartreuse Cardigan. And, My Steve Madden boots. This is a very pretty color to me. I have read some bloggers reviews and some hate the color I happen to love it. It's a  muted mustard color to me.I especially like the little studs that it has running along the front of the skirt. Although this IS a hard color to really blend other stuff with, I found it a challenge therefore haven't worn it before today. It's soft, Comfy and I think it looks pretty. It's not a sweater skirt that you can wear any other time   than the fall / winter. I am thinking of finding a Gray sweater vest and see how I can make this work. I am really glad I bought it. I had to get it before it went on sale. I just figured it would sell and I'd be left out. I have been waiting for the sales and it seems I always loose out. So with this one I had to jump on it.  I am preparing for the 2011 year. I saw a bunch of outfits that I know I am going to own, But again if I don't get them that's fine too. I don't have money growing on trees here. So I have to be more picky and not be too anxious to buy it all. But there is something I do need to work on.I need more tops. They seem to have been left out this year...I think just a few essential pieces that I can incorporate into my wardrobe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Really Lazy day with My Alma Shirt

This is what I wore today. I purchased this a while back and have never had the chance to wear it. I think I picked out a bigger size than I wear. It's pretty big :( This is the Dolan Anthropologie Alma Shirt top. I love how delicate it is and the sleeves are like a soft tissue T material. Pretty dove gray color the shirt is very light and airy. And since I am indoors no big deal. I think this is going to the seamstress or trade at EA for a small. I look Prego :/  Now I am of to make dinner....Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Peas. My turn to cook.Then I watch Investigation Discovery. Love that channel!