Friday, December 31, 2010

Peppered and Stripe Skirt, Last outfit for 2010. Happy New Year!

This is my last outfit of 2010. The Peppered and Striped Skirt with a Gray Deletta top. And the Pick a Bunch Cardigan. I didn't quite capture the shoes as I am trying to learn how to do this on my own with the help of my new Tripod. So please excuse my ineptness...I went to the local Forever 21 store to see their jewelry dept. I had to leave. The sales girl told me to wait for people to get back to school, I bet. It was just way, way, too packed and the lines were super long. Ended up at J.Crew. Purchased a Double Serge Pencil skirt in the Bronzed Ochre. And a Ruffled Strata Cardigan in gray. Nice catch for my last shipping trip of the year. Well, Happy New Year to everyone. Stay Safe. <3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

OOTD J. Crew

Today was a J. Crew day, I love this outfit(s). It was a really warm day. Actually a bit too warm for my cardigan but oh well, Who's gonna say anything it's winter. My little helper wasn't here to take my picture I had to do the mirror trick. I should get on the ball like the rest of the blogger's and do it myself. I just need a tripod. I am wearing the cute! And my favorite."The famous" J. Crew Reindeer T shirt from this season. Now I wish a had purchased 2. Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt. and my  J. Crew Traversa Cardigan in the nutmeg color.Paired with my Target open toe pumps. I decided later in the day to wear my chartreuse colored sweater because it's a lighter feel. I'm hoping our winter will be mild. I hate Winter.I'm a Spring, Summer type of person. But my favorite season is Fall. I am happily waiting for the spring so I can wear all of my favorite outfits that are better worn when it's warm. Although I have to say I do like wearing winter boots. Texas is pretty warm and the only boots other than my winter boots are my other boots....Yeah, You guessed right ( cowboy ) Well, Giani Binni Cowboy boots. I'm not that hard core.

My Christmas gift to me

These are my cuties! Just got them in the mail today.I have to say They shipped them super fast! They fit great. Both pairs are pretty true to size on me. I have to say that the Moon glow shoes are so beautiful. I can see me wearing these on Valentines Day <3

The dusty Begonias remind me of my Great Aunt. She had the prettiest shoes and dressed like the ladies from Mad Men....I remember how exciting it was to spend my summers at her house. She had a closet full of open toe high heeled shoes and I reveled in wearing her beautiful suits and hats. It was so great pretending to be an adult.....Wish I was a kid again. But for now, I am Happy with the way my closet has become somewhat like hers.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pitter - Patter of Dusty Begonias And Moonglow Mary Janes Last Pair!!

This is what I ended up buying this weekend. I guess everybody was busy with Christmas. I was bored. If you can believe that on Christmas?? Hmm?? I was just sitting around and decided to check out the Anthropologie website to see if I could score me some shoes. I really wanted the Anticipation heels but as usual the small sizes are always gone :(  Bad luck I guess.Well, This is what I purchased. I actually got the last pair of Moonglow shoes. The last ones!! I couldn't believe it. I am actually expecting them to tell me they don't have them. I've been reading how some people order shoes and or clothing then their orders get cancelled so we shall see. But for now these were my finds. I am really hoping to get these. I made a Polyvore of what I think would be a great way to wear the Moon glow shoes. I have this dress and the necklace, Just need the shoes and the rest <3

Friday, December 24, 2010

Rainy Weather prevailed.

My wellies  didn't come out :( Pic down below.
This is my poor attempt at trying to wear a cute Christmas eve outfit. It's raining, cold and really nasty outside. I decided to wear jeans today. I am wearing Target skinny jeans, J. Crew Wellies, And an Anthropologie pretty peplum jacket. Don't know what year. But like I said it's pretty nasty outside so I decided to be practical. I will wear my pretty dress tomorrow when I don't have to be walking around and getting all wet! Hope Everyone stays safe and gets all their wishes for this year. Spending it with the ones that mean the most to them. I know I am. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas shopping outift for today

My Christmas shopping outift for today
My Christmas shopping outift for today by Le petit Draipiere featuring anthropologie skirts

I paired my skirt and This Breezy Polka dot cardigan based on the colors of the brown from the skirt and sweater, And the red I took from the from the Birds face wore it with my coach boots.

Breezy polka dots and In the trees skirt...Wee! Wee! Wee! All the way home

My own spin on the Breezy Polka dots Cardigan.I picked up the red from the bird's head or is it a Partridge? You can't really see it. I guess I should have taken a picture of him/ her. The blue top I picked from one of the leaves That is a Dark blue velvet. My Coach boots, Although not a good idea for today.Rushing around buying and getting the last minute details taken care of. Sometimes I can't seem to fit enough time in the day. I wish we had more time...Ugh! I was really comfy though and I think it looks good. I need more sleep. But shopping and rushing around during Christmas time seems so much fun as well.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home - Indeed

Well, Had a good day today. Am home for the evening and an headed to watch some TV. Or, Maybe just look through all of my catalogs and enjoy the old looks that I love so much.Hope everyone out there in blog land has a great evening and a good morning. Goodnight :)

My cheetah brown kind of day

 This is my outfit today, My post dentist check up. It's damp, wet and cold. So I went for the brown colors. I am wearing an array of different clothing today. But it feels great. And I got loads of compliments from all of the dental hygienists. They loved my shoes. I am wearing the new Wedges by Crocs. They are very comfortable.They  look like the wedges by Target but are way more comfortable. Crocs have been turning out some really nice looking woman's shoes.And the best part is they don't look like cheap shoes. They are a suede like material and are really pretty.
I am also wearing a J.Crew top that I picked up a few weeks back. I hadn't figured what to wear with this color, But seems like the cheetah print picks up on this lovely shade of dark pink. It  has these lovely droplets of glass that fall underneath the flowers.I paired it with  a J. Crew brown cardigan and and am wearing an  Ann Taylor Cheetah print pencil  skirt. I have lost weight I think. It's a bit Big I see. I have been wearing my usual 6. But I wore a 4 the other day and it felt like a better fit. I may have to go back to my seamstress and get it altered. I am also wearing my Anthropologie belt. A smorgasbord of clothing. Anyway, My visit went well and now I'm home and getting ready to do my thing. All of you have a wonderful day. Have some Christmas shopping to do today.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OOTD They call it Mellow Yellow

 Went on the Effortless Antropologie website and saw that Roxy had posted the sale.And all of the items that went on sale and their prices. I was all into it ready to get my dress and again they  had sold out of it online. I have been chasing this for a long time. "The  Lucillae dress"  :(  Woke up got dressed, and headed to the store. Really excited and ready to spend. I spent... but my money went to Fort Worth!!

I have been waiting and waiting for this Lucillae dress though. Every time I walk in there I look for it and there it is hanging on the wall. Practically mocking me. Not on sale!!!.I saw one a few weeks ago for $69.95 my heart stopped for a second. Then I looked at the size and was sad to see it was a 2 .I asked the salesgirl are there more? She said no. She informed me that there was some damage to it and that is why it was on the sales rack. But I got mine today. I'll have to wait awhile. But since it's so close I'll get it sooner than not. As you can see I am not a patient one.

A little history about my city San Antonio. Every year in April we have what we call "Fiesta" We go all out. School lets out early and everyone heads downtown to the Day parade. And at night it's The Carnival,  Then we have a Night Parade, A River walk Parade which consists of river floats and well, It's really great living here. what can I say, It's Fiesta!! Our city is always celebrating something.  This is where I am planning on wearing The "Lucillae" during fiesta which by the way coinsides with the beginning of spring. I love the  Mexican flair to it.The bright Yellow, Red and the delicate lilac blossoms had me swooning. I am in love with the red belt. It's thin but really makes the dress for me. Now it's on for the perfect shoes to wear. Happy hunting for me.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Grinch is here :/ But I am also giving Thanks

The Grinch has come to visit. I am grouchy!  I have been pitching a fit these past few weeks about something silly. But some of you girls will relate. I have been waiting and wanting a particular skirt and No one but no one will sell it :(   There is a website I visit and I go on there to see if it's for sale. But so far no luck. I am really sounding petty aren't I? There are so many other things that I should be worried about besides a skirt. There are families out there that have no money, No jobs. and are probably losing their homes and probably will not even be having a Christmas.Little boys and girls that won't have Santa come to their homes.That makes me sad. So, Instead of whinning about clothing, Sales and other stuff that in the long run won't matter.I should be Thankful for a roof over my head, A nice warm bed to sleep in and a wonderful family. I have great friends and my little family is awesome. So yes! I'm grouchy/ Grinchy but most of all This Christmas I will be Thankful for the fact that I have more than materialistic stuff in my closet and blog about things that in a year or so won't matter. If anyone reads this let me know what you are Grinchy or Thankful for. I will try to drown my sorrows in egg nog. And Thank God that I am here and Healthy :)  P. S. The dentist visit went well, After downing some Xanax, I was feeling no pain!! I have  "The Best" Dentist on the planet. Dr. Riley.....You are the coolest! Thanks for drilling my tooth and making me a great smile. Kuddos to you!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OODD Sunwashed Dots Dress

Today was a really nice day.Not cold at all.About 72 degrees. So I decided to wear this combo. My Sun washed  dots dress. In keeping with the fall look I decided to wear a chartreuse colored sweater from J.Crew and My Flats are from The Gap. I have been trying to find a pair of chartreuse colored flats with no luck. But I will find them. Just a matter of a bit of patience.Didn't do anything special today. We just decided to go out to dinner and I wanted to wear a cute outfit. Dentist Appointment tomorrow. I am so afraid of going to the dentist! I only have 1 cavity. First one ever. I am a bit bummed about it but that's pretty good right? Have never has cavities EVER. I am a prolific flosser. But anyway, Hope someone likes this combo. Let me know :)

My sad and happy story about the Tyndall coat

I went to bed a little sad last night. I noticed that this coat went on sale and I couldn't call the store until I woke up! As soon as I took my 2 dogs outside and let them run and play for a while. I decided to jump on the phone and call  the store this morning,. After being on hold forever!! I decided to hang up and call again. This time they actually answered and talked to me. I asked if there were anymore of these left. I had to give them the item number and what seemed forever to me she finally told me that there were only 2 left. My size and a 10.I asked if she could hold it for me and she said they would hold it till tomorrow. I thought "Hell No" I am headed to you in about 30 minutes. I arrived and there it was inside that famous hold Armoire they have there.I love that thing. It holds my treasures till I get there. So I paid and walked out a happy girl.  I have seen this coat on some blogger's and fell in love with it. But wasn't too happy about the price tag. I'm glad I waited though.  I had several things on my wish list and this coat was one of them. I purchased the following these past few days. The Hellebore sweater skirt, The ruffled plaid dress, And the crocheted clouds dress. and My little turtle belt. So, I guess Santa has to find me something else now. Come to think of it. I need tops. Any ideas?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Two love birds and a Garden and a happy me

 I am in heaven today.Vintage Odille. Yes, Again. I fell in love with this Pretty olive colored skirt with loads of detail. It's got a white wrought Iron chair that sits two love birds kissing They are a faint pink and baby blue color.They are just sitting enjoying themselves surrounded by tree branches and leaves. accompanied by small white blooms of flowers. This skirt could almost tell a story with all of the whimsical decor that adorns it. It is a dream. The sweater is like two sweaters in one. The bottom being a Turtle neck which zips up and the top is a cardigan.I love the big orange flowers with the green leaves it has lovely pearl buttons plus a lovely cross stitching up front. I have no clue what Year these are from but needless to say that I am really glad I found them.. I believe that anything that is that vintage deserves to be loved and adored. If anyone sees these and knows their names, Year, I would love to know. Aren't they gorgeous? I see me wearing this Next fall. And the skirt in the spring.

Friday, December 10, 2010

2006 blast from the past. Antropologie by Aquarius Fall 2006 Catalog

First of all. I found another Vintage Anthropologie dress. It's from The 2006 fall catalog page page 23. Hunted that puppy down Through "Anthropologie Addict's" Blog and all of her catalogs...Thanks!
This dress is great with tights and my great Steve Madden "Roady" boots. It's soft, warm and feels great. Like a Grecian princess. hopefully someone likes :)

Wish list from me to "my Santa"

I saw this today and It was Love at first sight. I loved the soft look and the color was really delicate if that's a good way to describe it. All I know is I am really wishing to get my hands on this one.

Say hello to my little friend

Here he is My turtle, I have a thing for turtles and owls. So when I saw this a while back I knew he'd be mine. And well, You know the rest. Does anyone know what the name of this belt is?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ruffled Plaid Dress & Turtle Belt From Anthropologie

Well, I did it. I returned the skirt. And alas! I found the dress that I made a Polyvore with. I checked on the website and saw that there were no more of these dresses left. So, When I went to my local Anthropologie store and decided to exchange the skirt for maybe a skirt or a sweater.Then I found the dress. I practically heard angels sing. There it was, Wedged between two size 2's. O.M.G! I grabbed it. It is beautiful. Now to decide how to bring it together. I also bought the Leather turtle belt. The girl at Anthropologie had told me they were sold out.  But then she remembered there may have been some Returns. And yes, There it was. My turtle belt. The doggie belt was cute but I had to have a turtle.Maybe Next time around. Also looking forward to finding way's of wearing the cutie now.

Southward stop for the day...and a Trip to Anthropologie :)

This was my outfit for today. Went to Anthropologie with every intention on returning the "A separated Space Skirt"  So I'm still on the fence about it. It cute. But seems too long for me. I am only 5"2. So I am thinking of taking it back. I have me eye on a certain dress and a cute little belt. Hmm???? Sounds tempting

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OOTD Southward bound Dress

what I wore today
what I wore today by Le petit Draipiere featuring a black belt
This is just the outfit from today,Couldn't find the Snakebite belt in the brown. Probably didn't look hard enough. Other stuff is things that I have in my home.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Anthropologie Leifsdottir Skirt...Finally! Thank you Santa :)

Well, I've been whining about this skirt forever! Lost one about a week ago and I finally found one today. Paid an obscene amount of money and it's not even my size! Of to my seamstress to make it Small. I think Santa felt sorry for me this time. But now I can sleep at night. If that makes any sense. Ahhhh......I can finally Breath!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My outfit so far minus a top

My outfit so far minus a top
My outfit so far minus a top by Le petit Draipiere featuring mary jane shoes
I have managed to bring this all together except for the top. Any Ideas? The watch was a gift :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Anthropologie Blast from the past 2006

 I found this Vintage Anthropologie dress on E bay. I believe it's called "Cherry Blossoms" The lady that sold it to me didn't know. It's super feminine and I just love it. It's got a band of ruffles at the bottom and a has some on the chest area. It's a pretty pale yellow with little white blossoms and I guess they are cherries. It is very pretty and I love the fabric. I am really getting into trying to find the vintage Anthropologie and start blogging after I make my finds. If anyone out there has a picture of a vintage Anthpologie send me a message :) Hope you like!