Monday, July 30, 2012

Target Dresses - Assortment

Target Dresses - Assortment

Target Dresses - Assortment by lepetitdraipiere 

I was visiting the Target Website after snagging me a really pretty Black and Cream version of the 3rd dress. All of these dresses are on my "want" List. The first 2 dresses I would love to wear with my leather boots come Fall. The other dresses are just so girly and pretty. The shoes are all mine and I would style them like this. I know that Target isn't the first pick for some. But I love the clothing they have been coming up with. Hope you all see something you like. 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday..........Going Rowing

Have a really fun Day!
We are of to the lake. Going to try to enjoy the sun. 
It's a bit overcast and cloudy. but it's early so I am hoping that the sun will eventually come out. Being here the sun always comes out. Going rowing at the lake. Renting a little row boat. Then going to go listen to a Jazz band or stroll that long street in Austin. ( Congress ) They have shops. They started a little area where there are streamliners that all have different eateries. Some have Hot dogs others have tacos and others have cubcakes. There are too many to mention. It's pretty cool to live there If I could I l would.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Caramel Macchiato and the Stars

My favorite coffee
Mine at last 
I am off to Starbucks for the evening. Going to go to our usual spot. They have an outside patio and We plan on sitting and enjoying the evening sky and enjoy out Friday. There is a candle place and i am tempted to go get me one of those amazingly yummy smelling ones for my Town Home. I may stop off at a red Box and get me a movie. Although we have Netflix. We had a great day and I got my Zara basket Weave shoes! They are so much prettier in real life. I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy :) I plan to.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am a Happy Girl!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Friday. I am going to try to enjoy it. You girls have a great weekend. I plan to. Yay!

J. Crew Ava Sunflower shoes

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anthropologie Line Horizon Dress

Anthropologie Line Horizon Dress

Anthropologie Line Horizon Dress by lepetitdraipiere featuring a black satchel

Finally get to wear this dress. I bought it last Summer and wore it out once since. I have the Blue Version. Have not been able to wear it yet. Hoping to have the perfect occasion. But until them this is my evening. Just a few friends and some fun tonight. Even if it's during the week. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

J. Crew Snow Ivory Ruffled Dress

Isn't this the prettiest? I found the image on Google but don't know the name. It said it was from their J. Crew Collection. Something like Snow Ivory Ruffled Belted Dress. I don't know if that's the name but it's mine now. I have accomplished my mission of getting some pretty feminine white lace dresses. I see lots of possibilities with this one. Retailed for $250.00! Wow, That's pricey. I did not pay that much. wasn't inexpensive either. But it's new :) With tags!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Expensive Versus Affordable

Less Expensive Version

I wish!!

I got these - Zara

Wanted these - City Ballerina Flats
I Have managed to find less expensive versions of some of the things that I want but obviously can't afford. And in  the case of the Anthropologie shoes I couldn't find. I have learned though out the years that I really don't see me spending $3000.00 bucks on something when there will always be a less expensive version coming around the corner. It happens all of the time. I just would rather have a bunch of money to buy several wants, Than spend my saved money on just one item. Does that make sense?? Hope so. Because I am always on a budget. Unless I sell a bunch of unwanted items on eBay!

Anthropologie - Free People Dress

My Find :)

Ladies. I won this Anthropologie - Free People dress today. Isn't it pretty? I stalked it on eBay for a while. I didn't think I'd win but I did!! I wanted something romantic and very Spring / Summer to wear with my Zara flats. I am going to have to buy a slip for this as you can see it's pretty see through.  I love linen. One of my favorite skirts is a Banana Republic white linen skirt.

Not quite but cute

These dresses are very popular this year. I have always wanted a cute dress that will make me feel good and pretty wearing. I hope you all find what you have been looking for. And not having to stalk your items like I do.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Zara Basket Weave Shoes....Love!

Zara Basket Weave Flats 
I have been looking for the Anthroplogie City Ballerina Flats that I posted about earlier. I haven't been able to find them. so, I found an alternative. It's these very pretty Flats by Zara I love the color and the style. They seem like they will go with many of my favorite outfits. I like the delicate details and the very toned down colors. I ordered these from Bonanza I looked all over and searched Google until I found the shoes! I saw a pair on eBay too. The seller wants about $200 for hers.
If you are a wise buyer you will hunt down a bargain. Even if it takes a while. I am looking for another pair of shoes but they are sold out. But I think for now I should be happy and content with these. I plan on wearing these with a really beautiful dress I found. It's a  Linen lace dress. I will be blogging about my clothing as early as next week. Hope some of you are out there. If you are stop by and say hello :)

My J. Crew Camo Jacket

A staple to my wardrobe this Fall

Going to be adding to my collection as well via eBay of course
Great Bracelet

I just bought this Camo Jacket this week. I have been watching it on eBay, I have been on a saving mode and I am trying to buy my favorites and missed items frugally. I am very patient and have learned that I can save lots of money being patient. So I landed this and I am so looking forward to wearing it with shorts and my Middle of the Road Booties!

The bracelets are something that I have also being acquiring little by little. I just bought the Ann Taylor Lock Cuff Bracelet. I have been admiring it at the store and found the Black version of it. They are very popular right now. They look like the Hermes Version but without the enormous price tag. I am slowly doing my blog and will soon start taking my pictures. Have been nesting and enjoying some much needed time off. But hope to start getting back into this fun project and hope to start attracting some traffic again and reconnecting with my friends on here. Hope you enjoy some of my new posts. I am going to change my blog a bit. Some fun stuff like Food, Life and fashion.

J. Crew Sequin Anchor Top

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tall glass of Lemonade or Watermelon Agua Fresca

xanadu Basil and Grapefruit Cocktail
Good old fashioned Lemonade
Tomato, Goat Cheese Prociutto  Tarts
Watermelon Agua Fresca
Just thought I'd post this array of Summer drinks  for you to enjoy looking at or perhaps entice you to make. There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoors with friends. Eat, Drink, And just spend time together. I got these images from another blog that looks amazing  Jacob's Kitchen  The tarts look delicious! I am going to go and check out more of his recipes which look so good. He likes Ina Garten and Nigela Lawson as do I.I love to entertain and cook. We try to enjoy our summers and spend time together. Along with my love of clothing I love cooking and eating good food. I hope you are all enjoying your Summer and getting the most of it. For me personally, It doesn't last long enough. Enjoy!

Shoe Frenzy!

Middle of the Road Booties - Own

I love these shoes - Own Anticipation Heels Love them with Boyfriend  Jeans!

I am desperately trying to find
Ladies, These are  some shoes that I  already own and shoes I am currently stalking on eBay or on EA. If anyone finds the City Ballerina flats from someone who is selling them Please let me know :) I wear a size 6
I love shoes and should really not buy anymore. I have some I will be selling on eBay. I can't possibly wear them all! Why do we buy so many shoes?

I just Purchased the latest Zara shoes, I am anxiously awaiting. $75.00 on eBay. BNWB!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

End of a Relationship.

My daughter found this on the web and I thought it was both funny and sad at the same time. I know we women get very emotional during a break up. We cry and takes us a long time to get over it. ( sometimes ) But women don't tend to dwell. We deal with it, Cry to to our best friends ( male or female ) And just do other things to keep our minds busy. Meanwhile...Our x's are out there having a great time ( living the life) and just having a blast with their new found freedom. Or new love interest. How many of you have been left by a guy? I have, When I was a teen, As a young adult, and as an adult. How many of you had the guy come back months later ( even years ) asking you to forgive him. I have. And I am sure you have as well. I just thought this was a very interesting way of seeing what really is. Men don't move on. Not deep down. They hang on to the memories. And for some reason never get closure. Does that make sense? They feel compelled to come by and try to find out what went wrong.
As much as they would like women to think they don't. I love the movie "Someone like you " With Ashley Judd. The one where she writes an article about  women being "Old Cows" And that men see us that way? When they tire of seeing the same ole woman? Everyday ? So they go looking for the "New Cow" Some will be happy with the "New Cow".  But some will want the "Old Cow" back. But she has long moved on. Anyway.....I saw this  and thought it would maybe help someone out there who is crying for some guy. Ladies, You'll have the last laugh. And if he left you for someone else? You deserve better. Life is too short. Hope this at least helps someone feel a little better. Gabby

First Hints Blouse

Hair cut? Like Jennifer Aniston's

Love her hair
My hair it's a bit longer now
She Is my Favorite actress. I love her sense of style. Very casual. Yes, She wears some awesome clothing I could never afford. But she is such a genuine person. I have seen her on TV. And she just seems so genuine. She is a great philanthropist. I know there are many women out there that just do not like her. I don't know why. I think she's beautiful, talented and I would love to meet her one day. I am thinking of cutting my boring long hair and cutting it this short. I don't know though. I can do so much with my hair which is now close to my waist. But I am also getting bored with the long hair. I have to wash it, Blow dry it, Flat Iron it and it takes a long time. Then comes the make up. I would love to have shorter hair. It would still be the same amount of detail, But my hair would be shorter. I wish I knew for sure that I will not be making a mistake by cutting it off! Once it's done it's done. If you have an opinion or have recently cut your hair let me know. I am so ready to do this. I don't have her beautiful thick hair either. So, Let me know if you are out there.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

All Grown up
Beautiful Boy - 1989
I was listening to the John Lennon song " Beautiful Boy" And it reminded me of my youngest son. He is the baby. He is 23. I remember the day he was born. I was the happiest mom there that day. Time goes by so fast and they leave all too soon. I love being a mom. I loved it when my kids were little. Now they are all adults and I miss the "Mommy" times. He and I had a ritual that we did every morning. I pretended that he was a little fish that I would fry in the mornings. ( I know, it sounds silly & maybe mean but he loved it )  I'd walk in the room and I could already hear his giggles. I would warn him " Here I am... Going to get ready to fry you" Then I would proceed to turn him on each side and fry him.. I would make the sounds of a sizzle in  a pan. And he LOVED it!  When I was done " frying" him he was ready to get up, Get dressed and go to school. He always has a smile on his face, Has a million friends. I am so proud of him. He was a a football player ( Defensive Lineman ) they won State Champions in 2006 and they got the most beautiful football ring.Now he is a DJ and plays all over. He is coming out in one of our local radio stations as a guest DJ. He's been in a movie and won an award for Best short Film here where we live. Doing a skit of the movie  Tommy Boy. With his Director  and friend Danny Geraldo. Keep him in mind. I know he's going to be famous one of these days. He's good!! He just finished filming in L.A.( Danny)
I get to see him once in a while because his work comes first. I know I blog mostly about clothing. But today it's about him. Have a great day ladies. And hope that you that are mom's will enjoy a piece of my world .John Lennon's Song  <----- For my Beautiful Boy.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Esma Sandal - Target

Esma Sandal - Target

Esma Sandal - Target by lepetitdraipiere featuring a chain necklace

I went to Target today and found these really cute Sandals. They had these in a bright Pink and a pretty Honey Brown. I already have too many J. Crew Honey colored Sandals so I purchased these at $15. I picked the Metallic colored ones. The go with everything. I got lucky too. They only had sizes 9 and 10. We scoured the pace and finally found a size 6.  You can find them here. Esma sandals   they have plenty on the website. I am so glad I found a pair. They look really cute!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still Here, Just enjoying my Summer

"Love her, love her, love her! If she favors you, love her. If she wounds you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces,—and as it gets older and stronger it will tear deeper,—love her, love her, love her!"
—Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Love this time of year !
I have been busy this Summer. Having fun with my daughter and getting together with old friends. Having fun going back to Anthropologie for the first time since last year. I have my Polyvore account and I am always posting my adventures and my old classic outfits. I have so much fun on Polyvore. Keeps me occupied and helps me express myself and what is going on. I have posted some of the dresses that I am currently loving. Hope all of you are enjoying the Summer. Seems like it is going by too fast. I am totally not looking forward to the fall ( Not yet anyway ) I miss blogging and I try to visit my blog friends. I think right now I am currently trying to find a way to write a children's book. I am not a writer/ Illustrator but I am going to find the right channels to make my dream come true. Hopefully I will accomplish this goal I have set for myself. Have a Happy week <3