Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blouson Dress You are going to be Mine

This Year

Birthday Gift Sterling Silver
Hello Ladies, I am back for a bit. I have been super busy with my life. I am planning to come back as soon as Spring comes in. My latest news is not really news. Just here keeping busy. I have been recently a bit more active on my polyvore and have met some great women. Laura who has her amazing blog and the greatest wardrobe on the planet. And another special friend that I have made by the name Mechelle, Who also happens to have  an amazing wardrobe herself. We talk and get ideas from each other and just have a good time. I have been posting my daily outfits on polyvore  because I seems easier than doing the blog thing. I will be trying to get on the ball soon. My fiance and I are still all "IN LOVE" and having so much fun together. He took me out for my Birthday and got me these Flowers and this beautiful necklace, I told Mechelle that I would  post the picture of the necklace because She reminded me of it today. She took her children to the beach and they went hunting for Sand Dollars. And I was reminded of the coincidence of me getting this for my Birthday. I plan on wearing it this summer with some of my summer dresses. I am planning on buying this  Blouson Dress At J. Crew and wear it with a Denim jacket that I already own. I saw it on their window display and love the lines and the color. I hope you all are doing well. I have been trying to visit and say hi :) Hope you are all doing well and hope to see you on here soon. Have a very happy week!