Monday, October 3, 2011

Hi Ladies, I'm back! And Engaged!

 Hi to all of my Blogger friends! I am really happy to be back, I had some set backs to private to mention but I also have some exiting news! I am engaged! To the man that was meant to make me happy! A little about him. He is a Mechanical Engineer with a PHD.. He is Blonde, Blue eyed, 5"11 and is Gorgeous! he is a great person and is my perfect match. I am totally "In Love" with him. He makes me happy and we are getting close to setting a date <3 Some of my closer blogger friends know that I have been through a few bad times but now I am totally excited for him and I to start our lives together. I missed blogging and keeping in touch. I had to make my blog private and is only open to people who have blogs due to privacy issues. I hope that will be okay with you guy's. I come by and visit Lisa, Kristin, Monkey face, Tara, and all of my other faves. I have really been out of the loop but have kept up with my polyvore. It has kept my creative side happy. Let me know what you all are up too! I am so happy to be back and hope to hear from your guys. I have not been shopping at Anthropologie but my Fiance has promised we would be going there and getting my favorite outfits. I did happen to score me the Ardeen Skirt a few weeks back and I love it. I have polyvored it with some of my favorite things. I am not going to be posting pictures for a while. We are in the process of deciding where we are going to live and such. Thank You all for you emails and well wishes, Talk to you soon!