Friday, August 17, 2012

Christian Louboutin Shoes, What's a girl to do?

 Christian Louboutin Studded Pigalle Flats
Louboutin  Mary Jane Cork Wedge Shoes

I recently purchased these pretties. The Mary Jane Cork Wedge Shoes. By the famous Designer Christian Louboutin. I really adore his shoes. They are among'st some of my favorites. I would love to own a pair of  the black Studded Pigalle SpikeFlats. .But my budget can't afford them. As you can see in the link they are pretty pricey. So, I found some look - alike's out there and  I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. Such as these at Aldo's. They have several of the same style but different looks and not that expensive. I saw some at the Steve Madden store. They both offer different color varieties. So, The Mary Jane Wedge shoes are my new find. I have been wearing  them with my Current Elliot Jeans. They cuff really nice and make the shoes look really cute.I am considering making a trip to Aldo's or Steve Madden to seek and find me a pair.I know they don't look exactly alike. I have seen a pair on eBay. But even there they were a really big chunk of change. It's probably a trend that will die down but if they are that affordable I can try to get me a cute pair.( or two ) And Aldo's is a good quality shoes source. At least for me. Anyway, I hope you all are also searching after a cute pair of shoes that are in your dreams. I know these have been in mine for a while now. Let me know what your shoes cravings are lately. Happy Shopping!


  1. LOVE those mary janes! They are so pretty! I've had my eye on a pair of camper sandals (here:

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Those are sweet, They look so comfortable. I shouldn't be wearing high heeled shoes. But I do. All for looking good :) Of course then my back let's me know that it DID NOT appreciate it. Plus I have Plantar Fascitis like you. That is a real bummer and puts a damper on things sometimes. Thanks for stopping by and you enjoy your beautiful home. You always seem to have the loveliest weekends :)