Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sole Society Shoes for Christmas

Purchased  for Christmas

I have been on a shoe craze lately. But these shoes are my faves for now. I have been wanting a pair of red shoes with studs. I have a pair of Valentino's om my Christmas list but even my Santa has his limits. I found these shoes on Sole Society - Margie's They are very pretty and are also affordable. I think they are going to become one of my favorite shoe websites. I think these will make for a very pretty Christmas Picture with my Fiance. We are spending Christmas together and have been planning our tree hunt soon. He travels now and we don't see each  other as often as before. But I pretty much live with him on the weekends. We have been going to the movies every weekend.  He comes home on Friday's and leaves on Sundays. I work and we try to work our schedules so as we can have some serious fun. I think wedding plans are not too far away.  I have a pretty good idea where my dress is going to come from as well as the ever important shoes.  I think we all love shoes. I know that I think I have more shoes than clothing. Maybe. But for now these are going out on Christmas Eve, The Fiance and I have plans to go to a really romantic trip <3 


  1. I think those are perfect for Christmas! Glad to hear things are going well. Can't wait to hear more about wedding planning:)

  2. Hi Kristin,
    It's going to be in the summer. I'm just starting my planning stages. We were thinking about beautiful Oregon. But my Fiancé is buying property in Colorado. Looks like we will be moving there. But I will try to keep my blog posted. As far as I know you & Sarah are my only visitors. Lol.
    Hope you are enjoying your new job. Hope Ben and your sweet pups. Are all doing good. Thanks for being so sweet. Gabby